Reunion FAQ

Registration Info

  • Online registration for reunion opens on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Registration for reunion closes on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Please register before the 28th of May.

  • We want to help every member of the Williams family participate in Reunion. If you have a financial hardship, please email [email protected] to request financial assistance. This is a fully confidential ask, and we will make every effort to help offset the expense of your registration fee. We are not able to provide financial support for travel, housing or other non-registration fee related expenses.

  • Stop at the Faculty House/Alumni Center (corner of Route 2 and Park Street) to pick up a schedule, class mementos, and dorm room keys. If you are in a post-50th class check-in is located at Dodd House (the former Williams Inn). The 25th Reunion should check in at Mission Park. The 50th Reunion should check in at Horn Hall.

  • Wednesday: 5-9 p.m. (50th and post-50th only)
    Thursday: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. (50th and post-50th only) noon- 10 pm (all classes)
    Friday: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
    Saturday: 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
    If you registered for College housing but arrive after check-in closes for the night, visit Security (Hopkins Hall, lower level) for access to your dorm room.

  • If you need to cancel your registration and would like to receive a refund, email [email protected] with your information. 


  • Park in campus lots during the weekend. You can visit the interactive campus map to see parking areas. Larger lots are near the Hockey Rink, the Chapel, Greylock parking garage, behind Brooks House, and off Stetson Court. If parking in town lots or on town streets, please abide by posted rules as the local police will issue parking tickets.

  • If you’re looking for a ride to town, or willing to offer one, please make use of Williams Switchboard.

  • Relaxed! Unless your class leaders have urged you to bring formal attire, pack your bag with comfortable summer clothes. Be sure to check the weather in the days prior to the weekend to adequately pack for rain, heat, cold, etc.

College Housing

  • The cost is $80 per BED for the entire weekend (whether you stay three nights, or one). When we say per BED, remember that the dorm beds are x-long twins. If you are bringing young children, feel free to bring sleeping bags or pack ’n play, and the kids may sleep in your room without incurring a fee as they will not be using a campus bed. Also, we do not split up families, but as many of our dorm rooms are singles, families may be housed in rooms next to one another to meet the bed needs requested.

  • Housing is done on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot accommodate requests for housing with friends. We do house families together. We make every effort to house class members in their class headquarters, but once the dorms are at capacity, we house you in buildings as nearby as possible. Remember, we are not a hotel and that the time spent in your on campus room is limited, as you’ll be out enjoying the campus activities!

  • Yes. No need to bring your own linens if you are staying in college housing. You will be provided basic sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow and 1 towel per bed registration.

  • Unfortunately, no, we cannot let people know in advance of Reunion weekend where they are housed. We house over 1200 people for those three days and hire a temporary employee to manage that aspect of the weekend, so the information is off-site until Reunion Weekend. Thank you for understanding.

  • No, pets are not allowed in college housing. Pets are allowed on the campus grounds, but not in campus buildings unless you have a medical need. Please look for local kennels, or speak to local hotels/rentals about pet accommodations.

  • The rooms are not air-conditioned. The majority of the dorm rooms do NOT have private bathrooms. They are the same dormitories that you remember from your years as students, communal bathrooms and all!

  • Check out the Destination Williamstown page for some local hotel listings. People often take advantage of home-share services like Airbnb or Vrbo.


  • Williams does not provide babysitters during reunion. We do, however, have an extensive family activities program on Saturday. Details here. Young children must be supervised by a parent or babysitter at all events, but we provide a dorm bed, free of charge, for sitters coming with families (Let us know that your sitter is coming when you register). You can also post a request for a babysitter on Switchboard, a Craigslist style platform for the Williams community.

  • Yes.

  • When you arrive on campus follow these instructions to connect to the college WiFi.

  • For the most up-to-date pool hours please consult the Wet Line: (413) 597-2419.

    Athletics indoor hours:
    Monday June 5th – Friday June 9th 6am – 7pm
    Saturday June 10th 10:00am – 6:00pm
    Sunday June 11th CLOSED

    Williams’ outdoor athletic facilities — Cole Fields, the tennis courts, the track, and both turf fields at the Weston Athletic Complex — are open to everyone — students, faculty, staff, members of the Williamstown community, and guests and visitors. Campus Safety will continue to unlock the paddle tennis courts daily at 8am and lock at 9pm, which is when the lights that illuminate the court shut off.

Covid-19 & Reunion Weekend

  • Reunion will follow the college’s COVID guidelines which can be found at the COVID-19 Williams College page.  Face masks are not required unless otherwise noted on specific events. Though not required, face masks are welcome and will be available at various places around campus. We encourage people to stay home if they feel unwell.  Please assess yourself daily and decide whether or not you should attend events. Keeping our alumni community safe and healthy is important to us! 

    Illness and Isolation

    Should you or a member of your party fall ill while on campus for reunion, a list of health care options can be found on the health center website

    Reunion attendees who become sick while on campus (whether with COVID or another transmissible illness) should depart immediately. Isolation rooms will not be available on campus for reunion attendees.

Still have questions? Contact Alumni Engagement at 413-597-4151 or [email protected]