Expectations & Resources

Volunteering at Williams: What You Can Expect

Thank you for volunteering for Williams! Williams is a strong and vibrant community because of what you and other volunteers do, year after year.

In 1821, Williams alumni joined together to form the first Society of Alumni in order to save the college. The culture of alumni ownership that was forged in that moment is thriving today. Your volunteerism reinforces the deep connection that members of the Williams family feel toward each other and the college. Motivated by a desire to give back and to engage with college friends, you contribute countless volunteer hours in an effort to foster the connections that make Williams flourish. The college is dependent upon, and forever indebted, to volunteers like you who contribute “the gift of time and talent.”

When you choose to volunteer, we work hard to ensure that your experience is positive, rewarding, and deeply collaborative. To that end, we have outlined below a series of commitments that Williams makes to you, and vice versa.


Williams will provide you with clear and specific expectations about your volunteer role and responsibilities. Additionally, Williams will designate one or more staff members to serve as your primary campus contact(s). When possible, we will provide you with connections for peer-to-peer volunteer support.

We expect that you will work hard to understand your own role and responsibilities as a volunteer and those of the administrative staff. Our goal is to work together efficiently and productively in the collective interests of Williams. If unexpected conflicts arise that prevent you from doing your best work for Williams, please let the college know immediately so that we may assign your responsibilities to other volunteers.

Resources, Preparation, and Confidentiality

Williams will provide you with the materials you need to accomplish the tasks you have agreed to perform as a volunteer. We will also provide training and support to help you succeed. Handbooks and other resources specific to each volunteer role are available on this site or from Williams staff members.

It is your responsibility to read all the materials you receive and ask for additional clarification, resources or help when necessary. In doing so, you will stay informed about the college’s history, goals, challenges, and current operations so that you can fulfill your volunteer responsibilities.

The information you receive and access over the course of your time as a volunteer is privileged and confidential. You are expected to handle it responsibly, discreetly and with respect for each individual’s right to privacy. In particular:

  • The information provided to you is for Williams-related purposes only and may not be used for commercial, political, or advocacy solicitations of any kind.
  • No person or organization is permitted access to confidential information by you. Information is not to be shared in any way without authorization from Williams.
  • If, in the course of your volunteer work for Williams, you copy, duplicate, reproduce, or store confidential information, we trust that you will take all reasonable precautions to ensure confidentiality and privacy. Information is shared only with other Williams College volunteers.
  • Data and other information that is no longer needed for your volunteer work will be returned to Williams or disposed of in a secure and unrecoverable manner (shredded or erased, if stored in an electronic format.)

You may also download the Confidentiality Agreement for future reference.

Responsiveness and Requests for Assistance

If you find yourself in situations or conversations beyond the limits of your knowledge or outside of the scope of your volunteer role, we encourage you to turn to Williams for support. We will connect the concerned party with the appropriate college staff member who can provide additional and suitable support.

Williams will respond to your requests and issues you raise in a courteous, timely, and reasonable manner. You can expect that we will close the communications loop and ensure follow-through regarding the individual’s concern.

Responsibility and Respect

We expect you will conduct yourself with integrity while recognizing and appreciating the diversity of backgrounds and experiences you may encounter through your volunteer work. We expect you will be respectful of all individuals you encounter as a volunteer; be they students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, or prospective members of the Williams community.

Williams will provide a rich and rewarding experience for all members of the college community, including alumni, parents, and volunteers, while using its resources to provide the best educational experience for its students and faculty.

We cannot do this without you. We appreciate your good work and we can’t thank you enough. Your hard work makes all the difference for Williams. Should you have any questions about this volunteer agreement or your role and the college’s responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for all you do for Williams!