Alumni Network Volunteers

The Society of Alumni constitution affirms that we serve “the global community, through an expanding and diverse body of men and women who share the common bond of a Williams education.” In keeping with that mission, the Alumni Relations Office supports the development and continued growth of Alumni Networks which represent under-represented constituents of the Society of Alumni.

Our Alumni Networks, much like our Classes and our Regional Associations, function as sub-groups of the Society with the particular intent of advocating for and representing emerging and under-represented populations within the Society.The current Alumni Networks within the Society of Alumni include: Women of Williams, Williams College Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Alumni Network (BiGLATA), Williams Black Alumni Network (WBAN), Williams Latina/o Alumni Network (WLAN), Williams Asian and Asian-American Network (WAAAN), Williams First, and International Ephs. For more information about these networks, click here.

If you would like be identified as a member of any of these groups and join the mailing lists please send an email to [email protected] including your name and the name of the Network which you would like to join.

Volunteer Roles

Each network offers opportunities to serve as a member of the executive leadership, as a member of a ad-hoc committee that may develop to address a specific initiative or plan a major network event, or you can offer to plan and/host a network event in your local area in conjunction with Regional Association leadership. Volunteers in all roles are particularly being sought by the Women of Williams, Williams First, and International Ephs networks.

The Alumni Relations Office offers twice-yearly online training for persons interested in becoming Network Volunteers and every other summer the office hosts a leadership/planning retreat on campus for the networks. If you are interested in volunteering with one or more of the existing networks or if you would like to talk to the Alumni Relations Office about establishing a much needed network, please contact Sharifa T. Wright ’03, Director, Alumni Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Director, Alumni Relations.

Current Leaders

  • Co-Chairs: Monsie Muñoz '09, Michael Levine '77
    Executive Committee: Don Perry '79, Bryan Welsh '05, Christopher Kerby '81

  • Co-Chairs: Paula Moore Tabor '76, Ifiok Inyang '11, Brian Thomas '13
    Media Coordinator: Jason Hernandez '13
    Regional Coordinators: Eain Williams '01 (Boston), Rita Forte '03 (NorCal), Adrena Ifill '91 (DC), Janay Jackson '10 (Chicago)
    Member-At-Large: Kerrita Mayfied '93
    Ephs on the Vineyard Planning Committee: Ken Alleyene ‘88, Michelle Almeida ‘13, David Edwards ‘09, Asha Rhodes-Meade ‘05, Funmi Olosunde ‘06
    Philanthropy Committee Members: Ken Alleyne '88 (Chair), Mary Moule '91, Owuraka Koney '05, Tameka Watler Koney '05, WBAN Alumni Fund Volunteers: Julian Beckford '73, Micheal Reed '75, Clarence Otis '77, Michelle Johnson Rogers '79, Ida Brannon '82, Robin Powell Mandjes '82, Ken Wyatt '84, Devonya Havis '87, Ken Alleyne '88, Ken McIver '88, Terri Weekes '88, Jill Charles '91, Mary Moule '91, Clif Wright '91, Don Graves '92, Byron Wetzel '97, Estelita Boateng '04, Elena Bonifacio '05, Owuraka Koney '05, Tameka Watler Koney '05, Sa Kiera Hudson '11, Ifiok Inyang '11, Elisheba Odei '14

  • Co-Chairs: Norma López '95, Heidi Montoya '01
    Treasurer: Allan Gonzalez '12
    Secretary: Teresa Rodriguez '95
    Regional Coordinator: Noemí Fernández '09
    Networks Liaison: Monsie Muñoz '09
    Student Outreach Coordinator: Dayana De La Torre '14

  • President: Lily An '15
    Vice President: Susmita Paul '16
    Social Media Manager: Danny Y. Huang '11
    Executive Committee: Keelia Riegg '14, Alda Chan '09, Kenny Yim '09

  • Co-Chairs: Bonnie Pham ‘13, Evalynn Rosado ‘12, Alex Peruta ‘11
    Treasurer: Allan Gonzalez ‘12
    Communications: Amber LaFountain ‘09, Susmita Paul ‘16, Jaclyn Toni Milian ‘13
    Secretary: Amber LaFountain ‘09
    Alumni Liaison: Nancy Ma ‘10
    Recruitment Advisor: Charlene Thomas ‘11


Alumni Networks Event Guidelines