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Williams is here for you, steadfast in our commitment to connecting the Eph community -- wherever you may be. We invite you to explore the content of this page as a source of enjoyment and inspiration, but perhaps most importantly, as a source of connection. As President Mandel reminded us, “Williams is more than a campus. Williams is all of us. And we will find ways to connect and thrive and celebrate our connections despite even these most unprecedented challenges.” We look forward to engaging, learning, and connecting with you.



January 7, 2021 - March 11,2021
Williams Alumni Relations invites you to participate in our fourth Purple Prose Book Club community read, Just Us: An American Conversation. In this virtual book club, the Eph community can connect in a private forum to exchange thoughts and participate in discussion. We will spend the next two months with this work, so that you have plenty of time for reading. Participation is free – you just need a copy of the book.

EPHS "Every Person Has a Story" | Bicentennial Initiative

Maybe you took the road less traveled. Maybe an Eph helped you along the way. Maybe you've pushed Williams to change and evolve. Maybe you just want to revel in a tale of pure Eph joy and togetherness.
From Eph encounters that lift you up to ways our community has let you down, we’re looking for the stories of what it means to be a Williams alum—and, most importantly, what we mean to each other. Visit to submit your story.


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March 5 @ 4:30pm ET
"The Age of Plastics Meets the Age of Invasions: How Ocean Rafting, Coastal Development, and Climate Change May All Be Related" presented by James T. Carlton, Professor of Marine Sciences Emeritus.
A huge environmental issue for the ocean is the amount of plastic debris, which is attracting an increasing amount of global attention. Professor Carlton’s work in recent years has focused on the unexpected interrelationships of invasive species, plastic debris, and climate change. This talk is free and open to the public, and no pre-registration is required.
Access the lecture on Zoom (doors open at 4:25pm ET), or join via telephone by dialing (301) 715-8592 and enter Webinar ID: 954 9553 2420.
Sponsored by the Williams College Faculty Club Board of Governors and Williams College Alumni Relations.
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March 25 @ 2pm ET
Williams @ Work - Emerging From Covid Times: How to Cultivate Personal and Organizational Resilience in the New World of Work
2020 brought a heightened awareness of the need for wellbeing. It changed our experiences/definitions of what it means to be well AND the role of the workplace in fostering conversations about wellbeing.
In this webinar, leadership experts Marty Linsky ’61 and Camille Preston ’93 will discuss how each of us can manage the upcoming changes of a post-pandemic society by adopting an intentionally adaptive mindset. You’ll gain strategies to optimize your personal value to your team and broader organization, and emerge with confidence to take on new collaborative paradigms.


Visit for more information on WCMA's digital programs and offerings.

Learning Series with Professor Murad Mumtaz

Participate in a virtual learning series called Tasvir Khana: Practicing Indian Drawing and Painting with Assistant Professor of Art Murad Mumtaz.

Collection Explorer

An experimental visual browser for the collection of the Williams College Museum of Art.


Dive into WCMA's latest photography exhibition, Landmarks, with a full video tour by Curator of American Art Horace Ballard.

Object Lab

Virtually experience Object Lab, a hybrid gallery-classroom that visualizes the Williams liberal arts curriculum through the museum collection.










Not surprisingly, Williams alumni have been reaching out to ask how they can help students and fellow alumni.  Fortunately, Williams already has robust systems in place to connect students and alumni — and alumni to each other.

1. Utilize EphLink as an effective and efficient way to mentor undergrads and other alumni, as well as tap into the wealth of resources to be found on the platform, including an alumni-to-alumni jobs board and discussion groups aligned around shared interests. Because we appreciate that everything about your life has changed – including your daily routine – please know that EphLink enables you to customize your level of engagement, from availability to areas of expertise. Joining the EphLink community is easy; feel free to reach out to mentoring​@williams​.edu with questions.

2. Post Full-Time Jobs, Internships or Virtual Short-Term Projects. As you can imagine, Williams students, especially our graduating Class of 2020, are suddenly faced with a job market that has plummeted from the best in 50 years to among the worst. Some hiring organizations have already rescinded job offers and many remain undecided. If your organization has any student/entry-level opportunities – from a full-time job offer, to an 8-10 week internship or even a virtual short-term project – we ask that you share them via the ’68 Center for Career Exploration For Alumni page. If you have questions or need assistance posting your opportunities, please reach out to recruiting​@williams​.edu.

3. The best way to provide financial support for students is through the Alumni Fund & Parents Fund, designated for highest priorities. Williams is committed to taking care of all of our students during this transition and time of uncertainty.  It’s the unrestricted current dollars from the Alumni Fund & Parents Fund that give the college the flexibility to rise to the occasion in emergencies. If you would like to support these efforts you may make gifts online at Beyond designating for highest priorities, you may indicate “COVID-19” in the special instructions portion of the giving form to convey your intent.

4. If you want to make a connection with fellow Ephs to provide continuity in this unsettled time you can look up individual alumni in the directory.  You’ll find ways to find and connect with alumni affinity groups here.
Timeline infographic of support for students