Self-Discovery & Psychology

Boys Need Time

My calling compels me to think about what boys need most at all times. I am often asked “why an all-boys school?” or “what are the benefits of an all-boys school?” These are important questions to ponder, and at the heart of the answer is one simple yet profound concept:… Continue reading »

Simple Truth

A fellow consultant recently said she sat through a public meeting full of nonsense. She didn’t raise her hand and point out the misguided assumptions. She wanted to leave but stayed. As we spoke she pondered why she neither left nor spoke up. Without fuss, we agreed it would have… Continue reading »

A Healthy Recharge for 2023

The New Year is the perfect time to reset priorities and refocus on implementing healthier habits. I believe this accessible and actionable list will be beneficial to fuel a healthy and prosperous 2023! 1) Master the Morning Routine – A positive and energizing morning routine sets the stage for a… Continue reading »

Lessons Learned from 2020

In a few days, most of us will sigh with relief that 2020 has passed. In early spring, we were introduced to COVID-19, changing the ways we work, play, learn, shop, worship, and celebrate holidays and milestone events. Many are suffering from the economic impact, not to mention the… Continue reading »

Seven Takeaways from the Pandemic for Educators

I have been speaking to students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators pretty much nonstop these days. Sometimes it is in Zoom webinars for teachers, teens or parents on how to stay grounded in all of the uncertainty, and sometimes it is in one-on-one coaching calls with educational leaders who are… Continue reading »

The Quiet Crisis of Unexpected Unemployment

In 1973, John R. Coleman — then president of Haverford College and a respected labor economist — took a sabbatical. Over the course of those few months, Coleman dedicated his time to working menial, blue-collar jobs on an incognito basis. He made sandwiches, worked farm fields and dug ditches. It was part intellectual inquiry… Continue reading »

On Becoming Good Ancestors

For those of us in the baby boomer generation, our legacy is not turning out the way we had planned. On our watch, the gap between rich and poor has turned into a chasm, our public schools have become re-segregated and our confidence in institutions is at an all-time low. Continue reading »

Building Habits to Drive Your Success for Decades to Come

My husband jokes that when people find out I’m a psychologist, two things happen. Either they either close up and look nervously for an excuse—any excuse—to exit the conversation, or they open up and start sharing and sometimes over sharing…then, I sometimes joke that then I’m the one left looking… Continue reading »

The Social Chameleon’s Guide to Self-Discovery

I wasn’t one of those kids with a strong commandeering personality: the ones who seized what they wanted or could say “no” without a flicker of remorse or moment of doubt. I had a bubbly and adorable spirit, which was often confused for a strong personality. However, beneath my carefree… Continue reading »