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1980s-Style Sexism Still a Drag on Women in Big Law

I don’t know whether to be buoyed or depressed by the latest findings about female lawyers in Big Law. Let’s start with the cheery news: Contrary to popular belief, women are remarkably bullish about their Big Law experience, according to a recently released report by legal intelligence firm Leopard Solutions. Almost… Continue reading »

How Williams Shaped My Advocacy Work

I decided to go to Williams so that I could play golf. After several seasons on the women’s golf team, I got the political bug. I ditched my golf clubs and instead volunteered on campaigns; founded a mental health advocacy group on campus; and pursued various political and advocacy internships… Continue reading »

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

As a Native American, I am proud to live and serve in a city that recognizes the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Auburn is one of more than 130 cities and states across the United States to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We are fortunate to share land… Continue reading »

How I Successfully Transitioned to a New Career

When I decided to change careers, I was plagued with reservations, self-doubts and even feelings of disloyalty. While I expected this, I didn’t anticipate just how scary this phase of my life would be. I now count that time as valuable experience and rely on it every time I coach… Continue reading »