The Waiting Was The Hardest Part: A Founding Story

Though we undoubtedly crossed paths a few times beforehand, Mike Gerbush ’09 and I didn’t formally meet until just before the pandemic. We had both attended Williams College, but one of us is six years older (you’d never know by looking at me) so we didn’t overlap. One of us also… Continue reading »

The Power of Three

A year ago, my family crawled into a hot air balloon gondola in the predawn darkness of Kenya’s Masai Mara. We slid into the gondola, which was resting sideways, strapped in, and waited for liftoff while lying on the ground. The whole start to the experience was rather clunky and nothing… Continue reading »

Embrace the Curve

Christel Albritton MacLean '81

I guess you would call it a liberal arts approach to life: In the 35 years since I left the Purple Valley, I have worked on Wall Street, earned my MBA and owned eight businesses ranging from restaurants to real estate, from consulting to cold-pressed juices. These extensive corporate and… Continue reading »

How to Ace Your Interview at a Startup

Kaitlin Butler '11

If you’re interviewing for a job at a startup, the process can be worlds away from the hiring experience at large-scale firms and corporations. Startups, especially those that have not yet raised funding, have very little margin for error in their hiring process. Given their lean operations and generally tight… Continue reading »