Boys Need Time

My calling compels me to think about what boys need most at all times. I am often asked “why an all-boys school?” or “what are the benefits of an all-boys school?” These are important questions to ponder, and at the heart of the answer is one simple yet profound concept:… Continue reading »

What’s In a Name? Being Seen.

As a student, I learned early on that my name was different. A kind of difference that was not bad, but too complicated for someone to engage with during formal introductions, let alone daily, transactional encounters. That lesson is one that I learned… Continue reading »

We Must End Either-Or Thinking About Skills

Words are powerful things. When deployed clearly and effectively, they can propel new ideas forward and motivate social change. Unfortunately, they also can bring more confusion than clarity and lead reformers down the wrong paths. We run that risk with the use of the word “skills” in the current debate… Continue reading »

Schooled: What Community College Taught Me About My Education

Prior to joining their faculty last year as an adjunct, I’d had only glancing contact with Berkshire Community College (south of Williamstown, in Pittsfield), and while each interaction had been positive, my overall attitude towards a community college education remained – I confess – mildly dismissive. My own experience of… Continue reading »

Seven Takeaways from the Pandemic for Educators

I have been speaking to students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators pretty much nonstop these days. Sometimes it is in Zoom webinars for teachers, teens or parents on how to stay grounded in all of the uncertainty, and sometimes it is in one-on-one coaching calls with educational leaders who are… Continue reading »

Digital Addiction

As the former CEO of Mission Bit, I was a passionate advocate of bringing coding education to every public school student across California. We involved community leaders, idealistic college students, seasoned educators and some of the largest education funders in the Bay Area to support our cause. To… Continue reading »