Simple Truth

A fellow consultant recently said she sat through a public meeting full of nonsense. She didn’t raise her hand and point out the misguided assumptions. She wanted to leave but stayed. As we spoke she pondered why she neither left nor spoke up. Without fuss, we agreed it would have… Continue reading »

Protecting Reputation in a Complex ESG Landscape

Republicans recently took control of the House of Representatives in the 118th Congress, and one of the items at the top of their priority list is a slew of inquiries into environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Broadly, ESG commitments have become popular with many investors and asset managers,… Continue reading »

A Physician’s Most Powerful Tool

During my third year in medical school, I was not looking forward to my infectious disease rotation in the HIV clinic. I was worried I would only see sick, suffering patients with a complicated and chronic disease who couldn’t be helped. And I’d decided to become a doctor because I… Continue reading »

The Social Chameleon’s Guide to Self-Discovery

I wasn’t one of those kids with a strong commandeering personality: the ones who seized what they wanted or could say “no” without a flicker of remorse or moment of doubt. I had a bubbly and adorable spirit, which was often confused for a strong personality. However, beneath my carefree… Continue reading »