Class Year: 1990s

Boys Need Time

My calling compels me to think about what boys need most at all times. I am often asked “why an all-boys school?” or “what are the benefits of an all-boys school?” These are important questions to ponder, and at the heart of the answer is one simple yet profound concept:… Continue reading »

A Healthy Recharge for 2023

The New Year is the perfect time to reset priorities and refocus on implementing healthier habits. I believe this accessible and actionable list will be beneficial to fuel a healthy and prosperous 2023! 1) Master the Morning Routine – A positive and energizing morning routine sets the stage for a… Continue reading »

The Unsung Hero: Your Chief Operating Officer

Our business and popular culture celebrates entrepreneurs who launch new businesses for their vision and daring – and rightly so. Innovation has been a cornerstone of this country since its founding. However, as someone who partners with CEOs of middle market and emerging growth companies to recruit top talent to… Continue reading »

Building Habits to Drive Your Success for Decades to Come

My husband jokes that when people find out I’m a psychologist, two things happen. Either they either close up and look nervously for an excuse—any excuse—to exit the conversation, or they open up and start sharing and sometimes over sharing…then, I sometimes joke that then I’m the one left looking… Continue reading »

How I Successfully Transitioned to a New Career

When I decided to change careers, I was plagued with reservations, self-doubts and even feelings of disloyalty. While I expected this, I didn’t anticipate just how scary this phase of my life would be. I now count that time as valuable experience and rely on it every time I coach… Continue reading »

The Found Object Career, or Inventing Point B

When I was graduating from Williams, I had very little idea of what a job was. That sounds naïve but it was true. My parents were academics so, in some ways, I had been in a college setting my whole life. At Williams, I studied political science and studio art. Continue reading »

Preparation = Prosperity

Adam Kaplan '95

Two sales executive candidates walked into an interview with the CEO at one of my client companies. The first candidate was in the prime of her career, boasted strong credentials and had a dynamic presence. The second was in the latter stage of his career, had lesser accomplishments (proportionally to his… Continue reading »