Career Transitions

How Williams Shaped My Advocacy Work

I decided to go to Williams so that I could play golf. After several seasons on the women’s golf team, I got the political bug. I ditched my golf clubs and instead volunteered on campaigns; founded a mental health advocacy group on campus; and pursued various political and advocacy internships… Continue reading »

Dreams Deferred, But Worth the Wait

Many people face their future with the presumption that there is only one life. They know it has to be lived with imagination and considerable effort. As some of my fellow Alumni Career Commentary authors have noted, life can often take unexpected turns in unusual directions. But I discovered, mostly… Continue reading »

On Becoming Good Ancestors

For those of us in the baby boomer generation, our legacy is not turning out the way we had planned. On our watch, the gap between rich and poor has turned into a chasm, our public schools have become re-segregated and our confidence in institutions is at an all-time low. Continue reading »

How I Successfully Transitioned to a New Career

When I decided to change careers, I was plagued with reservations, self-doubts and even feelings of disloyalty. While I expected this, I didn’t anticipate just how scary this phase of my life would be. I now count that time as valuable experience and rely on it every time I coach… Continue reading »