Echo of Williams

Music by Kevin Weist, Class of 1981
Words by Bruce Leddy, Class of 1983

We set out to write a song in the tradition of Williams greats like “The Mountains,” “‘Neath the Shadows,” and “Yard by Yard” — a song simple enough that anyone could sing it after one listen, whether you’re an amateur or professional, undergrad or alum.

“Echo of Williams” tells the story of how, when we’re students at Williams, the echoes of the past and the literal echoes of the mountains surround us and nurture us, and then when we leave that wonderful place they continue to accompany us on our journey.

Kevin Weist and Bruce Leddy

Sheet Music



There’s a clear and quiet valley,
Where the flame of knowledge glows.
And to all whom fortune leads there,
Ever adoration grows.

In our youthful days of glory,
Climbing high and climbing far,
We can reach beyond the mountains as we follow by your star.

Sing to thee Williams!
Sing loud and clear.
Echoes of Williams,
Carry through the years.

And though distant we may travel,
From your snowcapped steeple’s chime,
We will never be without you in our hearts and in our minds
For the echoes of dear Williams are with us for all time.