Craven A

Lyrics updated by Paul Hogan, Class of 1986, Anne Melvin, Class of 1985, and Diana Roberta Donahoe, Class of 1986

“Craven A” has been a standard of both the men’s and women’s rugby clubs for many years. While the original lyrics are bawdy, the song was revered by both clubs due to its steady cadence and use of wit.

The reinterpreted lyrics were written by Paul Hogan, Anne Melvin, and Diana Roberto and designed to capture both the light-hearted spirit of the clubs and our passion for competition, Williamstown, Williams, and its role in teaching us social justice lessons that carry us through life.

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Now listen to our story, listen very well
About a certain college, hard by old Stone Hill
A Purple Valley pulsing with both grace and wit
After our first D papers we almost up and quit.

OH! Williamstown!
Site of serious education Williamstown!
Home to our favorite school HEY!
Williamstown! Got a top-notch reputation
No longer could we make the admissions pool.

When we came as frosh all was fresh and new
Our classmates were all scholars; some were artists too
We strove hard to keep up with all our profs’ demands
And have a little fun with the Amherst fans.


The first time playing Amherst came as quite a shock
Their captain’s head was filled with bits of Mount Greylock
We won by twenty points and were quite satisfied
To take the Little Three by such a huge landslide.


The eighties sought divestment of the Williams purse
Of all the era’s ills, apartheid was the worst
The college did the right thing: old walls were smashed
As we gazed from Billsville the chimes of freedom flashed OH!


We take ev’ry chance to come to old Billsville
Returning to the site of our youthful thrills
We’d like to claim that study was our common spark
But ‘twas really the nights we spent in Mission Park