Yard by Yard

Words by Clarence F. Brown, Class of 1909, and Lars S. Potter, Class of 1910
Music by Clarence F. Brown, Class of 1909, and Hamilton B. Wood, Class of 1910

“Yard by Yard” has long been Williams’ traditional fight song, sung at athletic events, alumni meetings, and other occasions. “Yard by Yard” originated in the spring of 1909 as two different songs, both entered in the that year’s interclass singing contest, where members of each class wrote and performed an original song. After the contest, Brown and Wood decided to combine their compositions into a single song, with Brown’s song used as the verse and Wood’s as the chorus. Contrary to popular belief, neither Brown’s “March to Glory” (as it was called) or Wood and Potter’s “Yard by Yard” won the 1909 contest. “Yard by Yard” first appeared in its current form in the 1910 edition of Songs of Williams, of which Wood was one of the editors.

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Daughters and sons of Williams sing,
As we march on the field.
Cheer till the hills and valleys ring,
There’s never a thought to yield.
We’ll back the team thro’ ev’ry game,
With them in ev’ry play.
Fling out the purple hail,
for once again comes Williams’ day.

Yard by yard we’ll fight our way,
Thro’ Amherst’s line,
Ev’ry one in ev’ry play, striving all the time.
Cheer on cheer will rend the air,
All behind our friends,
For we’ll fight for dear old Williams
And we’ll win and win again.


  • Yard by Yard – performed by the Williams Octet