Alma Mater Song

Words and Music by Dwight Marvin, Class of 1901

Sheet Music



Come, raise a song to Alma Mater
As from her temple we repair,
And on he altar lay our off’rings
Ere we leave her tender care.

Hail to Williams!
Our Alma Mater!
To our mother tried and true!
May we ever stand at her own right hand
And do what she bids us to do.


Where’re the tide of life may bear us,
Although we wander far from home,
Whenever Alma Mater calls us,
May we hear her voice and come.


Tho’ foes should fight and friends should fail us,
And all the world delusive prove,
We know that she is ever faithful,
And will never cease to love.


And if we conquer in the battle,
Or Fortune’s smile become a frown,
Whene’er we turn our footsteps homeward,
She will pour her blessings down.