'97 Celebrates 25

Please join us in Williamstown
June 9-12, 2022!!

Reunion Registration is open!

Get ready to reconnect with friends and classmates in the Purple Valley.  Whether you’ve come to every reunion or haven’t set foot on campus since graduation, we hope you’ll join us for a wonderful weekend.

Each June the 25th Reunion Class gathers in the Purple Valley to celebrate, renew acquaintances, and make new friends. Get involved in the planning and connect with classmates throughout the year leading up to reunion!  See below for the many ways you can get involved.  Contact the 25th Reunion program or Reunion Weekend Co-Chairs Kate Boyle RamsdellLaura Hunt Newman, and  Seth Morgan for more information or to volunteer.

  • This team will be planning the big weekend at Williams. In partnership with the 25th Reunion staff, this committee is responsible for activities, menus, special beverages, entertainment/music, tent decor and speakers. This group also includes Eric Watson as Golf Chair to organize golf rounds at the beautiful Taconic Golf Club.

    Reunion registration will open in spring 2022. When you register for reunion in next spring, you will also be able to reserve dorm rooms for the weekend.  If you prefer to stay off-campus, please take a look at this list of hotel options in the area.

    Review this '97 25th Reunion Schedule to get a sense of the kinds of activities planned for the weekend. There is a wide variety of activites for kids, families and alums throughout the weekend. You’ll find details about the kids' program below. If you have any specific reunion questions not answered below, please email the 25th Reunion program or see below to contact the committee chairs directly.

    Reunion Weekend Committee

    Co-Chairs: Kate Boyle RamsdellLaura Hunt Newman, and  Seth Morgan
    Natasha Barylski Stanley
    Amy Baughcum
    Jesse Brackenbury
    Guillermo de las Casas
    Tom Eldert
    Mark Hamachek
    Mortisha Howell
    Kirsten Paquette Rigney
    Mariana Santiesteban Pesin
    Eric Watson, Golf Chair

  • Friday evening is a casual BBQ for the whole family under the tent on Poker Flats with games and activities available on the lawn, weather permitting. (If rain forces us indoors to the Towne Field House, there will be organized activities there, too.)

    On Saturday there is a separate 25th kids dinner and activities (for kids ages 6+)** supervised by counselors at the Williamstown Youth Center (WYC), 66 School Street. This is included in your child's registration fees but it does require advance registration. To sign up, please complete the sign-up sheet and submit to the 25th Reunion Office when you register for reunion in the spring. Parents should plan to check-in their children at WYC 5:00-6:00pm (as well as sign waivers and permission slips). Dinner starts at 5:00pm. Following dinner, kids will be divided into groups by age and interest. Several choices will be available:
    • Arts & crafts
    • Outdoor (weather permitting) playground and games like basketball, tetherball, Capture the Flag, etc.
    • Movies on large screen TV
    • Games like dodgeball in the indoor gym
    • Foosball, pool or ping pong
    • Quiet time in the Learning Center or the Computer Lab
    • Walk to Images Cinema on Spring Street for movies
    • Trip to Ramblewild for kids 10 and older (see below for more info)
    WYC counselors will be in charge of each of the groups and a 25th staff person will be on hand at WYC. Groups leaving WYC will compile a list with the name of each child who is away from WYC. Parents are expected to pick up their child(ren) by 11:30pm.

    On Saturday evening after dinner, a group of kids (ages 10+) who have pre-registered will go to Ramblewild ropes course, 5:00-9:30pm. Parents of kids going to Ramblewild need to check-in their child(ren) by 4:30pm, so kids can pick up their dinner and leave on the 5:00pm bus. The bus will not wait! To sign up for Ramblewild, when you register for reunion, please complete the waiver and submit both the waiver and payment ($30) to the 25th Reunion Office.

    Teens who stay at WYC will be able to enjoy their own space in WYC. Following dinner, teens can choose from the range of activities above or play Xbox (for teens 12 and older) in the Teen room.

    ** For kids five and younger, the college is not able to offer care for kids five and younger so you may want to bring a babysitter with you (babysitters attend reunion at no charge). Kids five and younger are welcome to join the 25th Reunion Kids Dinner (along with their caregivers) at WYC but due to child care licensing at WYC they cannot stay for the activities and programming after dinner.

    To see the kinds of children's activities planned for reunion weekend, here's a link to the Children's Activities for Reunion 2022 for all reunion classes.


    What is the registration deadline?
    Online registration for reunion will open spring 2022. If you miss the online registration, you are still welcome and encouraged to attend reunion, but please register in person when you arrive to campus at the 25th Reunion Headquarters.

    Where do I check in when I arrive to campus?
    25th Reunion alums should check in at 25th Reunion Headquarters in Mission to pick up a schedule, class mementos, and dorm room keys.

    What are 25th Reunion check-in hours?
    : noon-11 p.m.
    Friday: 9 a.m.- 11 p.m.
    Saturday: 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

    If you registered for College housing but arrive after check-in closes for the night, visit Security (Hopkins Hall, lower level) for access to your dorm room.

    May I receive a registration refund if I have to cancel my plans to attend reunion?
    If you need to cancel your registration and would like to receive a refund, email Conny Isby in the 25th Reunion Program at [email protected] with your information, and depending on timing, status of '97 class account, and number of total cancellations, we'll determine whether or not a refund (full or partial) may be granted.


    Where can I find out information about the reunion program?
    You can review the ’97 schedule of events and the overall 2022 reunion schedule to get a sense for the kinds of activities that are planned.

    Where can I park on campus?
    Parking on campus can be a challenge during reunion, so we suggest you park in the lot behind Thompson (the old Infirmary), in front of Poker Flats. If you are staying in the dorm, unload in the spaces along the north side of Mission and then move your car to the Thompson lot. If you do park elsewhere on campus, please pay attention to posted signs and time restrictions. Williamstown police will ticket violators.

    I’m interested in sharing a ride. Where do I find fellow carpoolers?
    If you’re looking for a ride to town, or willing to offer one, you can connect with classmates via the '97 Travel Google sheet and the '97 Facebook page, or use the Williams Switchboard to connect with other reunion attendees.

    What’s the dress code?
    Bring comfortable, casual clothes for the weekend. The Saturday evening reception and dinner are a bit dressier - think smart casual - but ties are not required. Remember that Williamstown in June could be boiling hot or cold and windy – there is even the occasional downpour. It would be wise to check the forecast before you come! Our dinners will be on grass under a tent, so keep that in mind when selecting footwear.

    How do I sign up for golf at Taconic?
    All tee times for play at Taconic must be reserved through the '97 golf chair Eric Watson, starting in March 2022. Tee times are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Eric at [email protected] or (503)434-0110 by May 1st if you would like to play during the weekend (Taconic’s Pro Shop will refer calls to the golf chair, so save a step and contact him directly). We're trying to set up some friendly competition, so tee it up.


    What is the cost to stay in on campus housing?
    The cost is $80 per bed for the entire weekend.
    You can reserve a room through the online reunion registration or on the reunion registration form in your packet. Dorm rooms are first come, first served. If you plan to stay in the dorms, please register as early as possible. Rooms contain one single bed, but you may bring sleeping bags and an air mattress for a child or children to share your room at no additional cost. Babysitters attending reunion with your family are housed in the dorm at no cost. If you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel, here is a list of local hotels.

    Can I be housed with my friends?
    We automatically house families together. If you’d like to be housed near friends, when you register for housing, please list the friends you’d like to be near and we will do our best to room you together in a suite or on the same floor.

    Will sheets and towels be provided in the college rooms?
    Yes. No need to bring your own linens if you are staying in college housing, although some classmates bring their own linens and towels for comfort. You will be provided basic sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow and 1 towel per bed registration.

    Can I find out where I am housed on campus before I come to town for Reunion?
    Housing is finalized just before reunion so unfortunately we cannot let people know in advance of Reunion weekend where they are housed. However, if you know you will be arriving on campus after 25th Reunion Check-in has closed, please let the 25th Reunion Program know and we can get you your room information just before you arrive to campus.

    Can my pet stay with me in on-campus housing?
    No, pets are not allowed in college housing. Pets are allowed on the campus grounds, but not in campus buildings unless you have a medical need. Please look for local kennels, or speak to local hotels/rentals about pet accommodations.

    Are the rooms air conditioned? Do they have private bathrooms?
    The rooms are not air conditioned. Dorm rooms do NOT have private bathrooms. They are the same dormitories that you remember from your years as students, communal bathrooms and all!


    What childcare is available during reunion?
    Friday night: The 25th Reunion Program will have Reunion Rangers organizing games and activities for '97 kids during the family dinner at Poker Flats.

    Saturday: There is an extensive Family Activities Program on Saturday, details can be found here

    Saturday night: The 25th Reunion Program provides a separate kids dinner and activities (for kids 6+)** supervised by counselors at the Williamstown Youth Center from 5:00 p.m to 11:30 p.m. This is included in your kids' reunion fees but does require advance registration. Parents should plan to drop their kids off 5:00-6:00 p.m. (as well as sign waivers and permission slips). Dinner starts at 5:00 p.m. Following dinner, kids will be divided into groups by age and interest. Many choices will be available including but not limited to: arts & crafts, outdoor games (basketball, tetherball, Capture the Flag), dodgeball, foosball, ping pong, quiet time in the Learning Center or Computer Lab, excursions to Images Cinema for a movie, and video games. Teens (10+) will also have the opportunity to go to the local high ropes course Ramblewild. Pre-registration for Ramblewild is required (cost $30). You will have the opportunity to sign up for both programs when reunion registration opens in spring 2022. Please contact the 25th Reunion Program if you have any questions.

    ** For kids five and younger, the college is not able to offer care for kids five and younger so you may want to bring a babysitter with you (babysitters attend reunion at no charge). Kids five and younger are welcome to join the 25th Reunion Kids Dinner (along with their caregivers) at WYC but due to child care licensing at WYC they cannot stay for the activities and programming after dinner.

    Will I have cell-phone service in Williamstown?

    How can I access the campus wireless network?
    We’ll provide you with directions on how to connect to our network upon arrival to campus.

    Will the pool be open?
    Samuelson and Muir swimming pool will be open Friday afternoon from 2- 5pm and Saturday 1-3pm.

    Where can I find driving directions, travel information, hotel information, etc?
    Check out the Visitor’s Guide: http://www.williams.edu/home/visitors/

    Contact the 25th Reunion Program at 25th[email protected] or 413-597-4208.

  • The final deadline for the '97 online class book was Monday, November 15, 2022. Pages added and changes made to existing book pages after this date will not be included in the printed book. Please contact the 25th Reunion Program at [email protected] to see if your changes can be included in the printed book. Click here to request access to the '97 online book.

    Each 25th reunion class produces a reunion book featuring autobiographical essays from its members. The book is conceived and edited by the Class Book Committee (in partnership with the 25th Reunion Office) and often includes historical photos, comments from the president, and essays written by members of the class. We do two versions of the reunion book, a digital online version and a printed version with additional materials (given to all members of the class in June 2022 regardless of whether you attend reunion or not).

    The richness of the resulting book is directly related to what you contribute. As you’ll see in these samples from previous books, alumni have used this opportunity to share a broad variety of life experiences and to pay tribute to enduring Ephriendships.

    We mailed everyone examples of submissions from previous class books in September 2021, so be thinking about your submission and taking fun photos of you and your family and friends to share in the book. And if you have some extra time, pull out your old Williams photos from the '90s - we want those too!

    The printed book will also include a special In Memory section of tributes to classmates who have passed away – Chrissy Jane Audibert, Manish Jain, David Jaskoski, Frederick McCall, Danielle McTee, Edward Nelson, Sandra Jelin Plouffe, Maria Fernanda Torres and Julie Yip-Williams. To give you some ideas for what you might want to include in the In Memory tributes, you can see examples from prior 25th Reunion classes here.

    Class Book Committee

    Amina Abrahams Graham
    Ronald Alcala
    Kate Byrd Rome
    Susan Costanzo
    Tom Eldert
    Laura Hunt Newman
    Brad Maron
    Nick O'Donnell
    Bahia Ramos

  • Leadership Giving Committee

    This committee partners with and builds on the great work of the Alumni Fund agent team to lead the class towards making its largest gift to Williams to date. The 25th Reunion is the first of two times (the second is the 50th Reunion) when a class will have the opportunity to come together to fund an endowed class gift designated to a particular purpose at Williams. Recent 25th class gifts have ranged from $2 million to $10 million. These gifts have helped to support faculty, provide scholarships, fund tutorials, and finance new construction and building renovations.

    The magnitude of individual gifts varies, based on each donor’s financial capacity and his or her inclination to give to Williams. Nonetheless, most class members who participate in the 25th Reunion Fund stretch to make the largest commitment they have ever considered to Williams.

    '97 25th Reunion Class Gift

    Spearheaded by the '97 Leadership Giving Committee and the Alumni Fund agent team, the Class of  ’97 will seek continued support for the Alumni Fund in addition to supporting the Class of 1997 Fund for Data Science and Digital Humanities. This gift to Williams from the Class of '97 will be the class's legacy for years, positively impacting generations of students to come. All gifts and pledges to the Class of 1997 Fund for Data Science and Digital Humanities will count towards the total 25th Reunion gift.

    Ideas for the '97 endowed class gift were discussed by the Class Gift Purpose Input Committee. That group reflected on several criteria, including the importance of the initiative relative to the college’s priorities, the magnitude of impact the class could have, and the level of broad appeal to a range of alums across the class. The committee considered several different areas of the college for potential support and ultimately voted to support Data Science and Digital Humanities for the '97 25th Reunion endowed class gift.

    Technology in the liberal arts has been identified through the strategic planning process as a critical area of focus for Williams. The proliferation of data into all facets of life, both personal and professional, reinforces the notion that it is essential for students to graduate from Williams with a core competancy in data science and digital humanities - an understanding of data, its uses, benefits and downsides - in order for students to compete and suceed in their chosen paths and careers after Williams.

    You can learn more about the '97 25th Reunion Fund for Data Science and Digital Humanities here.

    Alumni Fund

    In addition to the Class Gift, the class will also be supporting the Alumni Fund, with the help of the Alumni Fund team led by Isaac Pesin and Eric Watson (and a great group of Class Agents). As you may know, the Alumni Fund provides Williams with unrestricted financial support that is critical in helping cover the college’s most pressing needs. This year the class is aiming for record participation for the 25th Reunion, 60% participation in the Alumni Fund. All gifts and pledges to the Alumni Fund will count toward the 25th Reunion Fund total.

    What counts and how does crediting work?

    View a history of 25th Reunion Fund.

    Leadership Giving Committee

    Co-Chairs: Susan Costanzo and Chris Sweeney 
    Seth Bair
    Kate Boyle Ramsdell
    Mark Hamachek
    Kimberly Kehrberger Borchert
    Jeff Rhodes

    Alumni Fund Agent Team

    Co-Head Agents: Isaac Pesin and Eric Watson
    Sarah Altschuller
    Laurence Berman
    Matt Bostick
    Susan Costanzo
    Sam Coxe
    Mary Booth Dwight
    Tom Eldert
    Greg Forbes
    Holly Grace
    Amina Abrahams Graham
    Barbarose Guastello
    Jenny Keane
    David Monoky
    Laura Newman
    Sabrina Oei
    Kate Boyle Ramsdell
    Kirsten Rigney
    Caitlin Rooney
    Stephanie Seale
    Jess Shin
    Sam Sommers
    James Stanton
    Ian Synnott
    Erinn Torres
    Michelle Zych Maziarz

  • The Reconnect Committee reconnects and networks with classmates, uses social media tools to reconnect with classmates. We will be looking for creative ways to engage with each other throughout the coming year. We need more classmates to help reach all our scattered geographies and affiliations (frosh entries, teams and clubs, etc.), so please contact the 25th Reunion Program if you are interested in helping.

    Find the class on Facebook


    Reconnect Committee

    Chair: Mortisha Howell
    Berenice Alejo
    Amy Baughcum
    Guillermo de las Casas
    Tom Eldert
    Mark Hamachek
    Rachel Hoover Murphy
    Laura Hunt Newman
    Tammy Palmer
    Kirsten Paquette Rigney
    Jeff Zeeman

  • Congratulations to Declan McGough, son of Matthew McGough '97 for designing the winning '97 25th Reunion logo! 

    We need a cool and uniquely-Eph '97 logo for our 25th reunion, and we want your help. Anyone in the class (including family members) is welcome to submit design ideas for our 25th logo. From printed materials to 1997 swag, the '97 class logo will be featured on many reunion items. See the links below for examples of past logos and instructions. The winning artist will receive a $300 credit towards reunion attendance fees and a swag bag, so start working on your ideas now.

    Download Logo Contest Instructions

    See samples of recent class logos