'96 Celebrates 25

June 10 – 13, 2021 – POSTPONED

**We will begin working with the Reunion Weekend planning committee and ’96 classmates to plan for virtual reunion events for June 2021. In Fall 2021, will begin planning for an in-person reunion celebration in Summer 2022. We’ll announce timing and more details as they become available.** 

Each June the 25th Reunion Class gathers in the Purple Valley to celebrate, renew acquaintances, and make new friends. Get involved in the planning and connect with classmates throughout the year leading up to reunion!  See below for the many ways you can get involved.  Contact the 25th Reunion program or Class Presidents Mitch Howell and Shawei Wang for more information or to volunteer.

  • Led by Peter Everett, Katherine Kelton and Shawei Wang, this team will be planning the big weekend at Williams. In partnership with the 25th Reunion staff, this committee is responsible for activities, menus, special beverages, entertainment/music, tent decor and speakers. This group also includes a Golf Chair to organize golf rounds at the beautiful Taconic Golf Club.

    With uncertainty about holding an in-person reunion in June 2021, we are holiding off on reunion planning until we have more information.

    Reunion Weekend Committee

    Co-Chairs: Peter Everett, Katherine Kelton and Shawei Wang
    A.J. Brush
    Mike Brush
    Katie Ganino Reddick
    Brian Lee, Golf Chair
    Lindie Zwolinski Pagliarello
    Matt Kohn

  • Thank you to the more than 200 classmates who have already partipated in the '96 25th Reunion Class Book!

    We've heard that some of you are still working on your submissions so we've extended the deadline until December 31, 2020. You still have time to participate! 

    Each 25th reunion class produces a reunion book featuring autobiographical essays from its members. The book is conceived and edited by the Class Book Committee (in partnership with the 25th Reunion Office) and often includes historical photos, comments from the president, and essays written by members of the class. This year we are doing two versions of the reunion book, a digital online version (available now - come see personal pages from over 200 classmates!) and a printed version with additional materials (given to all members of the class in June 2020 regardless of whether you attend reunion or not).

    The richness of the resulting book is directly related to what you contribute. As you’ll see in these samples from previous books, alumni have used this opportunity to share a broad variety of life experiences and to pay tribute to enduring Ephriendships.

    Check out the '96 online Class Book and create your page today! The digital online book is available to everyone in '96 but you need to have received an email with a personal invite to access it. Information about the book was mailed and emailed to you in November 2020. If you can't find the mailed packet or email and would like to participate in the book, or if you have questions about creating your page, please contact Conny Isby in the 25th Reunion Program at [email protected].

    In addition to entries from classmates, the printed book will have pictures from your time at Williams so pull out your old Williams photos from the '90s - we want to see those! The printed book will also include a special In Memory section of tributes to classmates who have passed away – Kelly Beard, Jay Edwards, Nathaniel Gerhart, Matthew Godrick, Andy Kitchen, Nate Lowe, William Meadors, Matt Stauffer, Katie Birrell Utley, Jerome Williams and Amy Woodward. To give you some ideas for what you might want to include in the In Memory tributes, you can see examples from prior 25th Reunion classes here.

    For more information on how to participate in the ’96 Reunion Class Book, please take a look at the Guidelines for ’96 reunion book submissions.

    We can always use more help on the Class Book Committee - to encourage classmates to write submissions, and help create and proof the book - so if you'd like to get involved, please contact the 25th Reunion Program or the Class Book Co-Chairs below.

    Class Book Committee

    Co-Chairs: Leslie Whitcomb Fierst and Jennifer Stoner
    Silas Beebe
    Yulia Chentsova Dutton
    Ann Dillemuth
    Kate Newman Jerris
    Paige Patterson Duff

  • Leadership Giving Committee

    This committee partners with and builds on the great work of the Alumni Fund agent team to lead the class towards making its largest gift to Williams to date. The 25th Reunion is the first of two times (the second is the 50th Reunion) when a class will have the opportunity to come together to fund an endowed class gift designated to a particular purpose at Williams. Recent 25th class gifts have ranged from $2 million to $10 million. These gifts have helped to support faculty, provide scholarships, fund tutorials, and finance new construction and building renovations.

    The magnitude of individual gifts varies, based on each donor’s financial capacity and his or her inclination to give to Williams. Nonetheless, most class members who participate in the 25th Reunion Fund stretch to make the largest commitment they have ever considered to Williams.

    '96 25th Reunion Class Gift

    Ideas for the '96 endowed class gift were discussed by the Leadership Giving Committee. That group reflected on several criteria, including the importance of the initiative relative to the college’s priorities, the magnitude of impact the class could have, and the level of broad appeal to a range of alums across the class.

    To ensure the class gift truly was a class effort, the Leadership Giving Committee asked the class for input on several options. About 20% of the class participated and selcted two programs as their top choices, Williams Firsts and the Summer Sciences/Summer Humanities programs. With enthusiasm for these two programs serving similar student populations, the committee opted to combine support for both programs into one fund, the Class of 1996 Fund for Equity and Access, to support programs like these in perpetuity. Spearheaded by the Leadership Giving Committee and the Alumni Fund agent team, the Class of  ’96 will seek continued support for the Alumni Fund in addition to supporting the Class of 1996 Fund with a goal of fully endowing the Williams Firsts programs and partially endowing the Summer Sciences/Summer Humanities program. This gift to Williams from the Class of '96 will be the class's legacy for years, positively impacting generations of students to come.

    The Williams Firsts program and the Summer Humanities and Summer Sciences programs are essential to the success of students coming from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds or who are first generation college students. Through these programs, students can begin their time at Williams with the skills necessary to not only survive but thrive at Williams with ongoing support from a close-knit community while at Williams and beyond.

    Williams Firsts

    Williams Firsts are students who are the first in their family to go to college, first in their community to travel away to college, students first in their high schools to attend a college like Williams, and more. To be the first in any of these ways takes hard work and courage and we support the success of approximately 100 first-year students and 300 upperclassmen each year. The program includes pre-orientation for students and their families to acclimate them to campus, and familiarize them with available resources and opportunities; social events that build community across class cohorts; and workshops to inform and empower them as they navigate their paths through the college. The Williams Firsts program is the manifestation of our commitment to ensuring all students feel able and empowered to take advantage of the full Williams experience.

    Summer Humanities and Summer Sciences

    Students coming from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds or who are first generation college students can apply to come to campus for either the Summer Humanities or the Summer Sciences programs, five-week programs held the summer prior to their freshman year. In both summer programs, students take classes, attend sessions on study skills and time management, writers workshops and cultural activities, work with librarians, and hear from guest lecturers. The 50 students in each program are not only exposed to the myriad options available at Williams, but they are paired with a faculty advisor who helps them choose classes and consider future academic and career opportunities in the future.

    You can learn more from the 1996 25th Class Gift brochure.

    Alumni Fund

    In addition to the Class Gift, the class will also be supporting the Alumni Fund, led by Mitch Howell and Brian Lee (and a great group of Class Agents). As you may know, the Alumni Fund provides Williams with unrestricted financial support that is critical in helping cover the college’s most pressing needs. This year the class is aiming for record participation for the 25th Reunion, 60%. All gifts and pledges to the Class of 1996 Fund for Equity and Access and to the Alumni Fund will count toward the 25th Reunion Fund total.

    What counts and how does crediting work?

    View a history of 25th Reunion Fund.

    Leadership Giving Committee

    Co-Chairs: Margaret Lawrence, Scott Sartorius and Siobhan Toohey
    Jay Carey
    Ken Chen
    Warren Eng
    Tita Freeman
    Michele Gleason Gonzalez
    Samantha Jones
    Amanda Silver Karcioglu
    Chris Marangi
    Kate Marquis
    Aga Morgan
    Molly Myers
    Jennifer Palm Elworth
    Shing Chi Poon
    Walker Stapleton
    Krystal Williams

    Alumni Fund Agent Team

    Co-Head Agents: Mitch Howell and Brian Lee
    Betty Abebe-Wolpaw
    Maija Jacobson Bentley
    Yvonne Barnes Blaxter
    Penn Clarke
    Carrie Strauss Dunn
    Warren Eng
    Peter Everett
    Silvina Fernandez-Duque
    Alexis Gilman
    Smith Glover
    Michele Gleason Gonzalez
    Kasia Sullivan Horner
    Amanda Silver Karcioglu
    Corey Modeste
    Paige Patterson Duff
    Scott Sartorius
    Louis Smith
    Shawei Wang
    Lydia Vermilye Weiss
    Josh Wilsusen

  • The Reconnect Committee reconnects and networks with classmates, uses social media tools to reconnect with classmates. We will be looking for creative ways to engage with each other throughout the coming year. We need more classmates to help reach all our scattered geographies and affiliations (frosh entries, teams and clubs, etc.), so please contact the 25th Reunion Program if you are interested in helping.

    The Reconnect Committee will be planning a number of virtual events, so keep an eye on your emails and watch for an invite.

    Find the class on Facebook
    See what's new for the 25th Reunion on Instagram at: Williams25thReunion

    Reconnect Committee

    Chair: Warren Eng
    Megan Barber
    Karen Coyle
    Scott Sartorius
    Penn Clarke - Social Media Chair
    Judy Lee - Social Media Chair