Williams vs. Amherst Football Game

Saturday, November 12, 2022 @ NOON ET


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Watch the Game on NESN

The 2022 Williams vs Amherst football game will air live on the New England Sports Network. NESN is the regional sports channel that airs all Red Sox and Bruins games and is readily available throughout New England. It is also available nationally on DirecTV (NESN on Channel 628 and NESN Plus on Channel 629). 

Live-stream the Game on YouTube

If you live outside of New England, you can stream the game directly on a personal computer, laptop, or streaming device on YouTube through the following private link: https://youtu.be/ctwz6hDEpjY   The YouTube feed can also be accessed directly from the Production Company’s streaming website.

Display YouTube Stream on a TV

Use AirPlay to display video from a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a TV.
You can use AirPlay to display video from a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a TV. If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video to your HDTV from YouTube, or use your HDTV as a Mac display. Alternatively, you can mirror your iOS device’s entire screen to an Apple TV. View Apple instructions.

Use Google Chromecast to cast a tab to a TV
If you have a Google Chromecast, you can mirror your computer screen onto your TV. View Google Chromecast instructions.

Use an HDMI cord to connect a laptop to a TV
This is probably the best and easiest way, as cables are cheap and provide the best quality HD picture and sound. Another benefit of using an HDMI cable is that it provides both video and audio connection. Your computer will need to have an HDMI output and your TV will need to have an HDMI port. To connect a laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable, all you need to do is plug the cable into your laptop and then one of your HDMI ports on your TV. If your computer is up to date, all that you should need to do is ensure your laptop is switched on and the input on your TV is set to HDMI. The laptop should automatically configure to give you the best settings from here.

Use a VGA cable to connect a laptop to a TV
This is a good option if your computer is over four to five years old and has a VGA output. VGA supports a video connection only, so you will have to accompany this with a 3.5mm audio cable that you will connect from the headphone out socket of your laptop to your audio in port of your TV or external speakers.