Ephpreciation Wordmark

Ephpreciation is a celebration of the big and little things that Ephs do for one another. The Williams experience is lifelong, as alumni and families continue to support one another and current students in many recognizable ways. If the academic year only operated with tuition, the lights would turn off around January 14. Each year, financial gifts and volunteer time from alumni and families ensure that Williams provides the best possible experience for students—well beyond what tuition can cover.

Thank you to the many students who participated in Ephpreciation 2024!

This year, students could win prizes by earning entries a number of ways, including guessing how many M&Ms were in the jar, reflecting on their time at Williams, and signing up for the Alumni Networks.

There were 13,111 M&Ms in the jar, representing the 13,111 alumni that made gifts to the Alumni Fund in fiscal year 2023. The closest guess was made by Katherine Yu ’27 and just 221 away at 13,332! The lowest guess was 831 and the highest guess was 186,650.

The winners of the semester pack raffle were Lea Pearson ’27 and Ian Dominic ’27!

Ephpreciation will be back in 2025. Stay tuned!