Alumni Networks

The Society of Alumni constitution affirms that we serve “the global community, through an expanding and diverse body.” In keeping with that mission, the Alumni Relations Office supports the development and continued growth of Alumni Networks which represent under-represented constituents of the Society of Alumni.

Our Alumni Networks, much like our Classes and our Regional Associations, function as sub-groups of the Society with the particular intent of advocating for and representing emerging and under-represented populations within the Society. Descriptions of each network are included below. If you would like to be identified as a member of any of these groups and join the mailing lists please fill out the networks opt-in form.

For affinity groups connected to student activities, visit Affinity Groups. These might include but are not limited to athletic teams, student organizations/clubs/activities/Minority Coalition groups, majors/departments, residential life (entries, neighborhoods, specific res halls) and faith and ethnicity based groups.


    The Williams College Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Alumni Network (BiGLATA) endeavors to engage, support and celebrate the Williams LGBTQ+ community. BiGLATA strives to cultivate an inclusive Williams (alumni) community where members of the LGBTQ+ community and all others feel welcome and valued.

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    Network Leaders: Stephen Rosenbaum, MD '69, Mark Gilrain '87, Timothy Shaw '89, John Williams '98, David Erickson '00, Katherine Conaway '09, Monserrat Muñoz-López '09, Mijon Zulu '09, Aidyn Osgood '15, Richard Whitney '16, and Landon Marchant '20


    The Williams Asian & Asian American Alumni Network (WAAAAN) is a resource for support, advice and contacts to Asian and Asian American alumni, students, and the College. Its mission is to forge lifelong relationships among Asian and Asian American alumni; to preserve and enrich the bond between Asian and Asian American alumni and the College; to encourage discussion and awareness of issues and concerns facing the Asian and Asian American community within and outside of the College; to promote social justice alongside other Williams College alumni networks.

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    Network Leaders: Thuy Tran '84, Vidisha Patel '85, Audrey Chan '89, Shawei Wang '96, Janet Ho '03, Paisley Kang '12

  • WBAN

    Founded in 1982, the Williams Black Alumni Network (WBAN) exists to enhance the experience of black graduates within the college. WBAN offers opportunities for black alumni to connect with black undergraduates, each other and the wider Eph community to socialize, engage, and reflect on the diversity of our experiences and perspectives. WBAN strives to strengthen the College's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through the active participation of alumni for the benefit of present and future constituents.

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    The Williams Black Alumni Network (WBAN) is currently seeking members to join the leadership committee. Interested? Contact Zorelly Cepeda Derieux '14, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, at [email protected] or by filling out the volunteer form above.

  • WFAN

    Aligning with the College’s Williams Firsts community definition, WFAN is a group of Williams alumni who are proud to be and support those who have come to Williams as “first'' in some way. This includes graduates who were the first in their families to go to college, first in their communities to travel away after high school, first in their high schools to attend a college like Williams, and more.

    WFAN seeks to engage the diverse and growing community of alumni with undergraduates, each other, and the wider Eph community. The group aims to promote networking opportunities, offer professional development workshops, provide a safer space to share Firsts stories, and celebrate the Firsts student experience at Williams through advocacy and mentorship.

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    Network Leaders: Mireya Hurtado '97, Anyela Perez '14, Michael Rodríguez '17, Alejandra Moran '17, Kevin Miguel Hernandez '17.5, David Shakirov '22, Connor Middleton '22, Emily Kondo '23

  • WIAN

    It is with deep excitement and gratitude that we mark this year as the official start of the newly proposed identity-based Alumni Network, the Williams Indigenous Alumni Network (WIAN; pronounced as win). WIAN will become the 6th identity-based Alumni Network of the Society of Alumni.

    It is our honor, at long last, to create a space, physical and virtual, where our Indigenous alumni can build community, share experiences and knowledge, and serve as a resource for our current American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Indigenous students. In partnership and with institutional support from the Office of Alumni Engagement, the Network will be an active partner with the Williams Native-American Indigenous Student Alliance (NISA) and the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Community’s Historic Preservation Extension Office, joining efforts to protect the Mohican past, present, and future and the acknowledgement that the College is located upon the homelands of the Muhheconeew, or Mohican Nation, today known as the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe. Additionally, this Network will take an important role in the ongoing and crucial work being done across campus to resource and support Indigenous alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

    This year will be one of building and growth as the Network takes shape and develops its mission and goals, acknowledging that it will be meant to serve an incredible range of regions, backgrounds, communities, nations, and tribes.

    If you would like to be a part of this moment and work, bringing your voice to making sure the Network is representative of the diversity within our Indigenous and Native American alumni community, please fill out this form.

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  • WLAN

    The Williams Latinx Alumni Network promotes the voices of the Latinx community of Williams College by creating agency through access and advocacy within the Society of Alumni. Our priority is to increase the visibility of the Network through a multilateral engagement process and robust communications strategy. Outreach and programming should work to promote our network mission and vision, advocate for and support at least one of the five major stakeholders in the Latinx community, and reinforce our visibility and awareness efforts.

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    Network Leaders: Jaclyn Milian '13, Marianna Rodriguez '19