Williams @ Work Presenter Q&A

Thank you for your interest in sharing your professional expertise with your fellow Ephs as part of our Williams @ Work Webinar Series.

  • No, presenters are not paid. This is one of the many ways in which Williams alumni voluntarily support one another along their career arcs. You may, however, provide a link to your business in the webinar description which will go out to alumni via our marketing channels.

  • Webinars are scheduled for one hour (approximately 45 minutes of presentation plus 15 minutes for questions).

  • Webinars are generally scheduled for midweek (T-Th) at 3 p.m. Eastern/12 p.m. Pacific.

  • Presenters must schedule a 30-minute practice session with Alumni Relations one (1) week prior to the webinar. We will make sure that the technology works for you. We currently use Zoom for our webinars.

  • We ask that you send us your slides two (2) weeks prior to your webinar so we can have them ready for your practice session. We will add an opening and closing slide to your deck with some general Williams Alumni Career Networking information. After reviewing your slides, we may ask you to modify or update your presentation slightly.

  • Yes, all webinars will be recorded and accessible through the Alumni Career Connections website.

    • Provide succinct answers. Brevity is important in creating effective slide presentations, too. Make every word count.
    • Spell out clear learning objectives for your webinar. Use post-presentation actionable verbs like define, estimate, identify, predict, recall and write as viewer takeaways. In short, how will your fellow Ephs benefit from watching your presentation?
    • We cannot accept any proposal intended to directly benefit your or another’s business, or promote commercial products. Make sure there is significant, career-building content for participants. You are, of course, welcome to briefly mention your business and link to it in the program description.

Ready to submit your webinar proposal? Just fill out this convenient form. Thank you for helping to keep the Williams Network strong.