Connection Points

You want to meet other Ephs who do what you do—or would like to do someday. Our toolset of online resources helps you find those connections.

Alumni Career Network
Connect with fellow alumni through Williams’ online career database. You’ll find accomplished, relevant, and helpful Eph connections with a few clicks.

Williams’ mentorship platform provides a customizable way for Ephs of every age and career stage to create purposeful connections—allowing you the opportunity to offer professional advice to students, as well as your fellow alumni. You can also post or search for experienced-level opportunities on the alumni-to-alumni jobs board.

More than 30,000 Williams alumni are on LinkedIn, and you can connect with them easily via Williams’ own LinkedIn page. You can also participate in conversations with other Ephs and check out alumni-to-alumni job posts via the Williams Alumni LinkedIn discussion group.

Switchboard is a virtual space that allows Williams people to ASK for and OFFER tangible or intangible things—including jobs/internships and career advice—to other Ephs, no matter where they are in the world. Learn more by clicking here.