Career Network Volunteers

Many of us can point to Ephs who took a chance on us, provided career advice or a referral, or simply offered encouragement during a job search. What better way to thank them than by doing your part to keep the Williams network strong?

The easiest way to pay it forward is to make sure your Williams career profile is up to date. It takes just a few minutes, and your information is accessible only by Williams alumni and students. Then, if another Eph reaches out to you, take the call, reply to the e-mail, consider the LinkedIn invitation. You may not have the answers, but you likely know alumni who can help.

If you wish to get more involved, great! There are many ways you can volunteer your time and talents in a career capacity. Current alumni-to alumni opportunities are listed below.

  • Offer your views on mid-career changes, balancing work and family, embracing your entry-level experience, and other career topics via our Alumni Career Commentary feature. Contact Wendy Webster Coakley ’85 in Alumni Engagement for editorial guidelines.

  • If you're a career/life coach who'll be at Reunion, join us at the Eph Meet-Up on Saturday afternoon as an Ephs in Transition Advisor. Contact Wendy Webster Coakley ’85 in Alumni Engagement for more information. All Ephs with experience in career/life coaching, human capital, and executive search are welcome to list their credentials on our Career Services Marketplace as a professional resource for their fellow Ephs.

  • Help your fellow alumni (as well as students) navigate work/life decisions along their career journeys as part of Williams' state-of-the-art mentoring/networking platform, EphLink, which allows you to customize your level of engagement.

  • Participate in career programming at the local level. Contact your regional alumni association to offer your support to help organize and/or present at an event.

  • It's easy to post positions requiring real-world experience for your fellow alumni, as well as entry-level jobs and internships for students and recent grads, via EphLink. It's synched up with so you don't even need to be the hiring manager to post. You can also post short-term experiential learning projects on EphLink—anything from designing a logo to developing a web site to analyzing customer data.

Learn more about student-facing career volunteer opportunities here.