Alumni Email Forwarding

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The Office of Alumni Relations offers email forwarding as an alum benefit! Registering for email forwarding provides you with a single permanent Williams email alias where people can always reach you after graduation. It allows you to hide your personal email address while using a Williams branded domain.

  • On July 1, you will lose access to your Williams email account. This includes Google Drive, Calendar, and Photos. Account data will be permanently deleted shortly after and will NOT be recoverable. 
  •  Email Forwarding will start on July 1. If you are not registered for email forwarding at that time, emails to your email address will bounce back to the sender.

Please note that both [email protected] or [email protected] will forward to your personal email address once you register for email forwarding. Make sure all of your friends, professors, potential employers, acquaintances, etc. know about this transition so that they may update their address books. Also, remember that email forwarding is NOT an email account. You will not be able to log into an account and send emails from your alias. It will only forward emails to the personal .email address when you register for this service.

  • Step 1. Go to

    Step 2. Login (This is the same account information you have used for the Alumni Career Network)

    * If you do not know your login information, click the  "Send My User ID / Reset My Password" links in the login page. Follow the instructions on the site and enter your current Williams email ([email protected]). Your login information will be sent to your Williams account. (If you encounter any issues please email [email protected]edu)

    Step 3. Once logged in please read the instructions carefully and provide a private email address to forward to such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

    Step 4. Click the 'Update' button. You will see the Forwarding Status change to 'Active.' 
    DONT BE ALARMED! Forwarding will start on July 1.

    • Important: We highly recommend adding both [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts list/safe senders for your personal email address in order to prevent emails from going to spam/junk folders.
    • Need help? Email [email protected] or call (413) 597-4151
    • For instructions on how to save/migrate Email and Google Docs please click here.
    • Need help? Email OIT at [email protected] or call (413) 597-3088.