Affinity Groups

Over 200 years after the creation of the Williams Society of Alumni, the first college alumni society in history, Williams alumni continue to find a variety of ways to connect with each other and the College through alumni affinity groups. 

What is an Affinity Group?

An Affinity Group is a community of alumni that as students at Williams, formed part of a group or organization based on shared interests or activities. This includes but is not limited to athletic teams, student organizations/clubs/activities/Minority Coalition groups, majors/departments, residential life (entries, neighborhoods, specific res halls) and faith and ethnicity based groups. These groups continue to stay connected through affinity reunions, milestone celebrations, and programming with current students within their affinities. 

If you were a part of one or multiple of these groups during your time on campus and would like to stay connected to fellow alums, consider sharing your information with us below:

How does Alumni Engagement support Affinity Groups and volunteers?

The Office of Alumni Engagement relies heavily on volunteers to plan gatherings and events that connect alums to their affinity groups. The success of an affinity group is largely dependent on the vision and effort of its coordinator or coordinating committee. A coordinator is responsible for all aspects of a group’s programming, from planning to execution. If a group of volunteers form a coordinating committee, the various members will be responsible for specific focus areas, such as:

  • Group outreach and communication
  • Budgeting and event logistics
  • Swag

Coordinators and committees may be active for the purposes of planning a single event or may continue in the role for years. The term of the position is based primarily on your interest and the group’s activity level. Coordinators and coordinating committees are the main point of contact between the group and the Office of Alumni Engagement, and must maintain ongoing communication with the Affinity Programs Manager. The AP Manager will assist in establishing and supporting systems of communication and information sharing, event logistics and budgeting, and intergenerational connections between student groups and affinities.

Planning an Affinity Event

If you have an idea of an affinity group event that you would like to organize, contact Raquel Cuéllar-Parajón, Affinity Programs Manager, at [email protected].