Tyng Scholar Program Evolution

Over the past few years, good thought has been put into the evolution of the Tyng Scholars program. A wide range of college offices participated in the process, including the Provost, Admission, Financial Aid, Career Center and Alumni Relations in an effort to use financial resources more effectively and provide impact for as many students as possible, while honoring the original bequest more fully.

Starting with the class of 2019 Tyng recipients now receive the following benefits:

  • A generous financial aid package that meets full demonstrated need and does not include student loans or require earnings from academic-year or summer job
  • Four paid summers of opportunity; up to $5,000 a year for internships, travel study, or research
  • Guidance from faculty and staff advisors on how to best plan your summers for career-exploration and skill development
  • Free books and course materials
  • Funding for accepted Tyng Scholar and a parent/guardian to attend Williams Previews

Tyng Scholars have great latitude in planning their summers. Options include taking coursework abroad, interning for a nonprofit organization, conducting fieldwork anywhere in the world, or taking advantage of any number of opportunities that might otherwise have been unavailable.

Historically, Tyng Scholar benefit and support was linked to graduate school funding. The shift to an undergraduate-focused benefit allows for twice as many Tyng Scholars and for the college to support student preparation for a wider range of careers while competing effectively for the strongest applicants in the admission process.

The work of the existing Tyng Committee and its alumni and student administrators will carry on unchanged for the next four years. Going forward, the elected Alumni Trustee will automatically serve on the Tyng Committee as part of formal Trustee duties.

More information about the current Tyng Scholars program can be found here.

Further questions about evolution of the Tyng Scholars program can be directed to alumni.relations@williams.edu