Executive Committee

The purpose of the Society of Alumni is to advance the interests of Williams College. The Executive Committee of the Society serves as its governing board, furthering meaningful and ongoing relationships between alumni and the College, representing the interests of its members, and building closer bonds between alumni. The role of the Executive Committee is to provide leadership to alumni by:

  • Offering guidance and expertise in helping the Society fulfill its mission;
  • Communicating the opinions and interests of alumni to the College and sharing the College’s priorities and directions with alumni;
  • Serving as the advisory body to the Alumni Relations Office, assisting with the development of programs and providing guidance on major issues;
  • Supporting and assisting the Alumni Fund through the Vice Chairs and staff;
  • Supporting the Regional Association program by providing counsel and assistance;
  • Generating ideas for improvements to existing programs and services and developing new activities in major areas, including:
    • On Campus Programs
    • Off Campus Programs
    • Intercultural Programs
    • Affinity Programs
    • Young Alumni Programs
    • Undergraduate Outreach
    • Continuing Education
    • Career Networking
    • Communications with Alumni
  • Administering the Bicentennial Medals nomination process; and
  • Representing the Society of Alumni to the alumni body, the College community and other educational institutions.

Executive Committee members are selected by the Nominating Committee of the Society of Alumni. Candidates typically surface through high level volunteer service to the college. EC volunteers serve a three year term in role. Nominations, self or otherwise, are welcome and can be submitted online here.


The Society of Alumni of Williams College Executive Committee 2021-22

Officers Role Home
Kate Boyle Ramsdell ’97 President Dedham, MA
Brent E. Shay ’78 Vice President Boston, MA
Megan Morey Vice President Williamstown, MA
Brooks Foehl ’88 Secretary Williamstown, MA
Juan G. Baena ’06 Assistant Secretary North Adams, MA
Ashley Weeks Cart ’05 Assistant Secretary Williamstown, MA
Wendy Webster Coakley ’85 Assistant Secretary Lenox, MA
Raquel Cuéllar-Parajón Assistant Secretary Williamstown, MA
Zorelly Cepeda Derieux ’14 Assistant Secretary Lenox, MA
Leila T. Derstine Assistant Secretary Berlin, NY
Robert P. Swann ’90 Assistant Secretary Williamstown, MA
Executive Committee Members Term Ends Home
Carl B. Davis ’62 July 2022 Beaufort, SC
Sarah Hart Petersen ’86 July 2022 Ann Arbor, MI
E. John Park ’91 July 2022 Menlo Park, CA
Cathleen R. Clark ’07 July 2022 New York, NY
Janay Clyde Jackson ’10 July 2022 Chicago, IL
Allan Gonzalez ’12 July 2022 Austin, TX
*Jillian E. Charles ’91 July 2022 Hudson, OH
Alan B. Dittrich ’69 July 2023 Wellesley, MA
Katherine A. Sharpe ’79 July 2023 Norcross, GA
D. Christopher Kerby ’81 July 2023 San Francisco, CA
Leslie Jeffs Senke ’89 July 2023 Basking Ridge, NJ
Noemi Fernandez ’09 July 2023 Philadelphia, PA
Susan E. Sutler ’74 July 2023 Washington, DC
*Gretchen Howard ’95 July 2023 San Francisco, CA
William Boyd ’63 July 2024 Burlington, VT
Kenneth Wyatt ’84 July 2024 Boise, ID
Christopher Stearns ’86 July 2024 Auburn, WA
Shawei Wang ’96 July 2024 New York, NY
Nishant Nayyar ’02 July 2024 London, UK
Valerie Oyakhilome ’18 July 2024 New York, NY
*Michele Rogers ’79 July 2024 Chicago, IL
*Vidisha A. Patel ’85 July 2025 Sarasota, FL
*Alice Albright ’83 July 2026 Washington, DC
**David Willmott ’92

*ex officio as Alumni Trustee

**ex officio as Alumni Fund Co-Chair