We the Purple: Voices from the Road - Part 3

Being able to tell a story that people can relate to, whether it’s Stonewall National Monument, whether we are going out in a National Park and I am trying to explain processes from a hurricane, relating to people, that connection, on a personal level, is what’s so important and I think that is where we make our difference.

Rebecca Beavers '93 lives in Denver, CO and works as a Coastal Geologist for the National Parks Service. We chat about her job, connecting parks and education, her efforts supporting the transgender and gender diverse community, and what it means to connect with people.

I feel like, especially over the last year and a half or two years, I’ve tried to find all the smallest ways to find joy because it is not always going to be some grand thing that happens… there’s always like small ways, you know, that you can find something to smile about.

Born and raised in the City of Rochester, Senator Samra Brouk '08 returned home to continue her journey in public service and most recently being elected to represent the 55th district in the New York State Senate. In this conversation we chat about the 'sparks' along the way that led to her involvement in the community as well as the things that bring joy in her life.

My sister said it best and she denies she said this. There was a period about 10 years ago where I was frustrated, between jobs, figuring out what my next thing was supposed to be... I remember my sister said, "Dave, what I hope the most for you is that you figure out how to slow down and watch the snowflakes fall." And so this simple idea of looking through the simple, beautiful things that are occurring around you I think are the most exciting.

David Brown '07 lives in his hometown of Rochester, NY and works as a venture capitalist. He talks about the joys of family, enjoying the small details, and his Williams connections through time (his grandfather wouldn't let him go to Amherst, naturally).

There was this overwhelming sense of goodness of kindness of decency amongst not just the faculty and not just the staff and not just the current students, but even the admitted students. You could see they were looking for something special around people’s ability to listen to one another, to be kind to one another to really just build something together.

Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts '99 (and his wife Camille '00) live in Denver, CO. His work has been focused as a family physician and serving underserved communities through healthcare. He shares his work, taking Capoeira as a hobby, his love for Carnival, and the importance of kindness in our lives.

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