We Belong Here

by Alejandra Moran '17 and Kevin Hernandez '17

Alejandra: We just have to remind ourselves that we belong in these spaces and that we deserve to be here and that the worst thing someone can say is no.

Kevin: It takes a lot more strength to ask for help than it does to pretend like you know everything. 

Interview is part of the on-the-road 'We the Purple' Williams College alumni conversations held during Ephs on the Mooove in July 2021. Explore more conversations.

Alejandra Moran '17 and Kevin Hernandez '17 have recently relocated to Albuquerque, NM, where Alejandra has started medical school while Kevin works in the education space. We chat about finding a sense of belonging at Williams, the importance of seeking help and mentors, and building community for others like you. Alejandra and Kevin are co-chairs of the Williams Firsts Alumni Network.

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