The Quirky and Whimsical

From all things cow-themed and purple to mementos kept from their student days, alumni from the 'You know you went to Williams College if...' Facebook group share the ways in which they encounter and remember their connection as Ephs in their lives.

viny cover

Abby Wood Meczywor ’10

You weren't in Ephlats (or any a cappella group for that matter), but you couldn't resist nabbing this gem at the local antique store.

viny cover

Becky Logue-Conroy '99

Your sister in law sends you this handmade ornament and it makes 2020 a little brighter! Artist design by Kathy Schenkel.

holiday ornament

Bevin Hartnett '98

And now it’s complete.

holiday ornament

Brandi Brown '07

Took this picture at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. I love the Minnesota State Fair very much and am sad it's not gonna be happening in normal form this year.

person posing in front of cow metal sculpture

Chris Alberti '75

Tthe purple cows surrounding your birthday cupcake are covered with gold glitter.

small cow figurines on top of a table

Danielle Callaway '07

You know you went to Williams when you get this excited about receiving your 2020-21 Williams Calendar mailed to you in Nairobi. Gotta love our wonderful Alumni Relations Office!!

mother holding baby wearing fun flasses

Dennis O'Shea '77

This year’s birthday cake turns out to be a purple ice cream pie!

person smiling with birthday cake

Dorothy Gaby '18

You find some mint condition, never opened, Eph originals amongst the old toys at your parents house.

stuffed cow toys

Eain Williams '01

When your partner feels the love you have for the college, and he outbids a bunch of Williams College people to get you a banner from 1920! 100 years!

class banner on top of table

Eric Glatstein '87

Cleaning out closets, you start finding things.

vintage concert flyer

Grey Scott Maggiano '03

You decide to spice up your online church convention with some purple.

Grey wearing a Williams hat

Jason Bernard Lucas '02

When you find the stub from your pre-frosh homecoming weekend. Back when Weston Field tailgating was a thing. Coincidentally I felt it was a good omen because my birthday is on the 26th. #EphPride

football game ticket stub

Juan Baena '06

When you have cows at your dining table. ¡Sal y pimienta!

cow-themed salt and pepper shakers

Laura Lim Prescott '92

You buy the purple boots.

purple boots

Leah Bush '19

Get yourself a face covering you love and you’ll never wear a metaphorical mask a day in your life.

Leah wearing a cow-tongue themed face mask

Matthew Lapointe '88

This is the mug you choose for a cup of tea on a cold day.

mug with cows

Megan Hawgood '88

You include these essentials in the backpack every time you go hiking. They've seen a lot of wear this hiking season. Pictured here on the Maple Pass Loop in the North Cascades.

Williams water bottles with mountains in background

Moiz Rehan '19

You wear your Williams #pride hat hoping someone in the city will see it and also be an Eph!

Backside photo of Moiz sitting on lawn with Williams pride hat

Natasha Stanley '97

Nerding out about this total score from my neighborhood Buy Nothing group! 1904 edition, so any abbreviated class years you see are 18___!

Cover of 1904 Songs of Williams book

Robin Truelove '96

Perhaps the perfect Christmas sweater.

Christmas sweater with cow

Susan Pitcher '90

You make time before back-to-back meetings on a rainy morning to bake purple sweet potato biscuits for breakfast. And while pleading the 5th shamelessly photograph them on the perfect plate.

plate with sweet potato biscuits

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