The Purpose Partners

by Elisheba Odei '14

Elisheba originally shared this story as a post on her Instagram account on November 12.

What’s better than one rising black doctor? 2 black rising doctors.

We’ve had so many fun times, ratchet times, serious times and so on. We have had 11/12 yrs to build memories. Other than our friendship evolving into a sisterhood, I’m most proud of how we have supported and cheered each other on in chasing and now living in our dreams to become physicians.

We ended a 5+ year career in education together. Started our post bacc programs together. Made time to study for the MCAT together. Applied to medical school together. My personal favorite… we were ACCEPTED into medical school together. We spent the first 2/3 weeks of medical school on zoom together. For those first few weeks, we woke up at the same time, went on mental break walks together, studied together and slept at the same time. We pushed each other to start school strong!

Today, we are traveling to meet each other and attend our first medical school conference. Along the way, I’ve started calling Amina Avril '14 my purpose partner. We’ve come together on many occasions to challenge each other to sharpen our skill sets and toolboxes to achieve greatness. We’ve obtained our childhood dreams together. I can’t wait for our future children to hear our story. I pray our future daughters find sisterhood and purpose in each other in the loving way we have.

If you haven’t yet, I urge you to identify a purpose partner in your life. It will allow you to dream bigger and reach your goals faster. They don’t have to be in the same career field as you.

Y’all wanna guess what city/state Amina and I are traveling to for the conference? Y’all wanna guess what medical specialty is hosting the conference? If we already told you, please don’t ruin it 😊

A special shout out to Mama Avril (Amina’s mama) and my parents. When I look at us, I see their sacrifices. They planted so much in us so that we could dream this big. We love y’all deep!

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