The Making of a Grand-Doctor

by Laura Moberg Lavoie '99

Laura and Colby
Laura Moberg Lavoie '99 and Colby Hunter-Thomson '99 at their 20th reunion in June 2019
Newborn Luke on Day 2
Newborn Luke on Day 2 in the NICU

Our son, Luke, was born 9 weeks early by emergency c-section. I am infinitely grateful for his health and well-being.  He is now a thriving 8-year-old, thanks to my Williams classmate Colby Hunter-Thomson Previte

The day after Luke was delivered, my amazing OB, Dr. Lily Tsai, came to my hospital room to check on me.  Tapping into my Eph analytical skills, I had done my homework researching this young physician who would save my son's life and mine. I learned that she had done her residency in my hometown at the University of Rochester. 

I decided to play the Williams name game with her since my classmate, Colby, had gone to medical school at the U of R.   “Any chance you know my friend named Colby Hunter-Thomson?,  a ridiculous question since the U of R is the biggest medical school in the third-largest city in the state of New York. But Dr. Tsai looked at me like I had nine heads and said, "Do I know Colby?!? She was my mentor when I was a first-year and she was a third-year resident" 

My Williams classmate had taught this doctor HOW to be a doctor. And then this doctor went on to deliver my child and save both of our lives. We haven't quite sorted out what that makes Colby in relation to Luke, but I think the appropriate title is grand-doctor. 

How grand it is that Williams helped prepare this amazing woman to train another amazing woman who gave me my amazing child.

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  1. I loved reading this story!! Thanks for sharing Laura, and nice work Colby. 🙂

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