A Home on Wheels

3 people in an on-camera interview inside a van

Dave Ramsay '09 and Matt Felser '09 founded Dave and Matt Vans in Gypsum, CO where they design, build, rent and sell affordable camper vans you can live in (like Nelly but mini!). Listen as they share their journeys from finance and education respectively to running a rapidly growing Van Life business. Continue reading »

A Circuitous Route

person standing next to a poster depicting a group of 4 pitbulls inside a bathtub with text that reads ' Pitbull and Co Bath Soap - Wash your Paw'

Jason Smith '91 moved out to Littleton, CO in early 2020 and got involved in work with the Denver Dumb Friends League as an adoption counselor. We chat about the challenges of following a traditional path versus pursuing one’s passions, the joy of making an adoption match, and keeping an open mind. Continue reading »

Connecting People to Nature

a woman standing and holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple' She is wearing a purple hat, maroon top, and black coat with a purple hat.

Rebecca Beavers '93 (Williams Mystic '91) lives in Denver, CO and works as a Coastal Geologist for the National Parks Service. We chat about her job, connecting parks and education, her efforts supporting the transgender and gender diverse community, and what it means to connect with people. Continue reading »

Live to Serve

Tamaan and Camille sitting down on their living room sofa with a backdrop of their family portraits on the wall. Camille is holding a 'We the Purple' flag.

Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts '99 (and his wife Camille '00) live in Denver, CO. His work has been focused as a family physician and serving underserved communities through healthcare. He shares his work, taking Capoeira as a hobby, his love for Carnival, and the importance of kindness in our lives. Continue reading »

Occupying Times of Transition

a woman standing on a kitchen holding a purple flag that has text reading 'We the Purple.' She is wearing a light pink top, blue jeans, and has tattoos on her arms.

Madeline Berky '10 lives in Denver, CO, loves to bake, is working on a romance novel, and has an adorable dog named Huckleberry. In our conversation, we chat about building community through food, mental health, occupying times of transition, and her movement practice. Continue reading »

Redefining Success

man holding a purple flag with test that reads 'We the Purple'

Eze Redwood '06 calls Kansas City home. He helps small and mid-sized companies with marketing needs as VP of Lillian James Creative and also helps run two Wings Cafe restaurant locations. We talked about what success means to him, finding your passions, taking risks, and empowering others in his community. Continue reading »

The Ingredients for Community

Elyse Mack GA'20 is a native of St. Louis, MO which she returned to after wrapping up the Grad Art program at Williams. She now works with Bread and Roses at the center of arts and activism in the community. Listen to us chat about the work, Dungeons and Dragons, baking, and the importance of new perspectives. Continue reading »

A Scoop of Joy

Frank holding a 'We the Purple' flag in front of Clementine's.

A serial entrepreneur, Frank Uible '85 co-founded Clementine's Creamery in St. Louis, MO, a childhood vision from his fiancée to bring joy and connection through a scoop of ice cream. He talks about mentorship, supporting causes in the community, the impact of Williams classmates, and gratitude to his grandfather and father. Continue reading »

Taking a Chance

Caroline, Kevin, and Pixie holding a We the Purple flag while sitting down at a park table.

Caroline Fan '03 and Kevin Hsueh '03 live just outside of St. Louis. Caroline is a startup consultant, community organizer, and founding President of the Missouri Asian American Youth Foundation. Kevin is an infectious disease doctor and faculty member at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. They share some of their community work, joys of gardening, introduced us to their dog Pixie, and talked about how journeys have failures and that is ok. Continue reading »

This Girl from Small Town Ohio

Alex holding 'We the Purple' flag while standing in front of a door with a peace sign wood decoration

Alex Sherman '13 currently lives in Cleveland, OH and works as a speech pathologist. In our conversation, we chat about her work, trivia, fostering kittens, and the importance of listening to connect with others. Continue reading »

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