Passion for Public Service

Cassandra Kirk ’89 is the Chief Magistrate Judge for Fulton County in Atlanta, GA. Fueled by a passion for public service, she shares her ongoing quest for teaching and learning, a shared sense of connection while at Williams, and how she is shaping a first-of-its-kind model court that emphasizes serving the local community. Continue reading »

Don’t Keep Score

a man holding a purple flag while sitting down

Don Brown '67 leads his own architecture firm in Birmingham, Alabama and is a retired Colonel in the Air Force. With a collaborative and community-based approach he shares his professional journey, life lessons, and gratitude to those near and far. Continue reading »

Design and Community

man kneeling by a purple picnic blanket in a park while holding a purple flag with a purple hat at the top

Aron Chang '05 is an urban designer and educator based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He works on community-based planning and design models for water infrastructure, resilience, and climate adaptation. Aron shares his journey as an architect, playing basketball with strangers, and using the support system he's been afforded to pay it forward. Continue reading »

Coffee and Ritmo

2 people sitting down at a table holding down purple flags

Betty Noonoo '18 currently lives in Houston and Jose Lopez '17 is from Pomona, CA. Betty is a teacher with YES! Prep and Jose is an analytical chemist at a botanical lab. Listen as we chat about their career journeys, coffee, community, and dance. Continue reading »

The Game of Life

a person wearing a white shirt and a purple baseball cap while holding a purple flag

Austin Wand '68 is a retired radiologist now living in Las Vegas, NV. Recently, he has gotten into local politics and shares some of his experiences in that space, talks about poker, and credits some of his teachers at Williams for helping to shape his journey. Continue reading »

Finding My Roots

a woman wearing a baclk dress posing for a photo in a park while holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple'

Jeannette Growler '12 lives in Oceanside, CA where she currently is raising her two children. She has redefined success through motherhood, stumbled into gemology, and is thinking of returning to support youth in her hometown in Navajo Nation. Hear more about her journey, drive, and exploration of identity in this conversation. Continue reading »

A Try

a man dressed in tan shorts and a purple shirt, with a white baseball cap with letters that read 'rugby' holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple

Steve Troyer '86 lives in Los Gatos, CA. He is involved in the technology and data security sector, where he has led and helped lead various companies. We got to hear about his advocacy for mental health (a cause close to his heart and family) and the community he found through rugby during and after his time at Williams. Continue reading »


a woman standing for a portrait photo, wearing a black top, with long hair, and holding a purple flag.

April King '04 lives in Sherman Oaks, CA and works in the entertainment industry as a talent agent. With her fierce confidence, she talks about the journey in the industry, coming from the Caribbean, and becoming a mom again during the pandemic. Continue reading »

Planting the Seeds

a man wearing a green shirt and holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple, Williams College,

Derek Cressman '90 is a resident of Sacramento, CA and occupies his time with some different endeavors: writing, coaching debate, and operating an olive ranch. Originally involved in the environmental advocacy front, his arc has turned to novel writing. You can hear more about his work, path, and the challenges of finding joy. Continue reading »

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