Serving My Community

by Samra Brouk '08

I feel like, especially over the last year and a half or two years, I’ve tried to find all the smallest ways to find joy because it is not always going to be some grand thing that happens… there’s always like small ways, you know, that you can find something to smile about.

Interview is part of the on-the-road 'We the Purple' Williams College alumni conversations held during Ephs on the Mooove in July 2021. Explore more conversations.

Born and raised in the City of Rochester, Senator Samra Brouk '08 returned home to continue her journey in public service and most recently being elected to represent the 55th district in the New York State Senate. In this conversation we chat about the 'sparks' along the way that led to her involvement in the community as well as the things that bring joy in her life.

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