Pretending it's the '90s again

by Rob Wittenmyer '98

For the last three years, Rob Wittenmyer '98 has left his Australian summer to head to a Williamstown January to teach his Winter Study course "Planets and the Search for Life." For a few weeks each year, he gets to pretend it's the '90s again, and this is his playlist that he listens to as he gets his Hot Tomatoes fix, eats massive pancakes at Chef's Hat, drinks from his CUPPS cup, visits the Clark, hikes Stone Hill in the crunchy snow, lift weights in Lasell, and plays badminton with the students ("1998? That's the year I was born!"). He feels so much closer to the Williams community and is hopeful he'll be able to safely return to the Purple Valley again soon.

Person standing with Thumbs Up in front of Lecture Screen
Hot Tomatoes pizza and CUPPS Cup
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