Looking to the Future

by Steve Harty '73

In many senses, I've never left Williams, thanks to opportunities to volunteer and serve fellow alumni and the College. Despite many visits to Williamstown and so many friendships developed over the years, what excites me is not Williams Past but Williams Future.  

Because of its institutional strength, the college is able to invest in each student more or less exactly what s/he needs in the way of challenge, support experience and opportunity to expand horizons. These amazing students, carefully selected from among the best and brightest regardless of their personal circumstances, are the leaders of our collective future. Williams stimulates critical thinking, experimentation and the skill of resolving disparate ideas and cultures into a shared set of values and methods of dialogue.

For these reasons, I'm fully confident that my most influential Williams experiences are yet to come—with the admission of each new class and the way they will raise the sights of the generations before.

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