The Thrill of Giving Back

by Carol Buck Whitehead '78

Weston Language Lab
As a French major, Carol particularly liked the handsome old building where we had classes. That building was the Weston Language Lab.

This past December 2020 marked my 37th year of consecutive giving to the Alumni Fund. In 1983 I moved to California, was engaged and was employed in the wine business, which was and is my great love. Free of student debt and far from my native New England, I sent off my small check to the fund and felt the thrill of giving back to a deserving friend.

This became a habit, year after year, as I became a wife and then mother. Moving away from the States in 1989, the small checks I sent didn't get much bigger, but they flowed yearly from Scotland, then France, then Scotland, then England.

Giving to the fund was like meeting up with an old friend — both of us changing in ways never anticipated, and yet those very changes keeping us close and relevant to each other.

Moving back to the US in 2017 was quite a change! Dramatic in many ways, but there was my old friend Williams. Now when I gave to the fund, I could earmark the monies for books for students in need or to go directly to support scholarships. This is so satisfying for me, a scholarship kid with a loan, too.

When I am a very ancient lady, perhaps I'll finally know what my years at Williams meant to me. But in the meantime, there's work to do, and I feel privileged to help those at Williams get on and do it.

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