July 30: Home Part 2

Well, somehow the final day of Ephs on the Mooove being on the road is upon us. How bittersweet. 

Your favorite road warriors were shipping up to Boston for one last stop at noon. Unsurprisingly, we had folks come on out to say hello, with another dozen or so over the course of the hour, including Bicentennial co-chair Aroop Mukharji ‘09! It was a lovely day to wrap up the stops. 

We had one last ride over to Williamstown, which is bananas since we are approaching 9000 miles. We were excited to get back, hopefully early, to unpack before a very small stop in Williamstown. Alas, traffic. What should’ve been 3ish hours actually took 5, so we rolled up right at 6:30 despite valiantly leaving Boston at 1:30. Needless to say, we were glad to be home, however bittersweet that is. 

This journey is now coming to a close at the place that really unites everything about Ephs on the Mooove: Williamstown. Some alums call this their actual home, some a reunion destination, some the physical place they absolutely don’t want to be because of trauma. All of these experiences matter and have value. This place isn’t what makes Williams special. It’s all of you for all the work you’re doing even if you don’t see it as big and impactful. To someone, you are doing amazing things and you should be proud and carry on your journey. It’s yours. 

We’ll rip off Mike’s favorite Marvel movie Thor Ragnarok: Williams isn’t a place, it’s a people. 

This project has tried to highlight that Williams is everywhere doing things on every scale and every person is impacting their surroundings. Whether you make it to every reunion or never step foot on campus again, you are a part of this community that calls home everywhere. And we hope that you can feel a part of it. We hope you can feel at home in this community. We hope that you know there’s a place for you. 

Whenever you are ready, our alums are here in Williamstown or out in the world, but both eager to share with you. We’ve found kindness in these strangers and that is special. 

This journey has taught us a lot: find joy in the little things, be proud of your work, continue to challenge and better yourself, make the spaces around you better, sometimes life is hard and lonely, and many other lessons. Nothing has resonated more than simply the kindness. Everywhere we went, everyone we talked to felt like we were home. Not even a home, but that sense of community, connection, and calm that you have with “home.” 

Over 9000 miles. 24 interviews, over a hundred more people from gatherings. Every person felt like an old friend; every place felt like a home. We hope you find your home, in the Society of Alumni or just out in the world. Either way, we are all rooting for you. You’re doing amazing things and doing them your way on your journey. We’re proud of you, for whatever that’s worth. 

Keep on rocking the world! (Mike obviously wrote this line)

Until our roads bring us together again,

Mike “ROCKS!” Rodriguez ’17
Nelly “Ole Reliable” The RV ’03
Juan “Getting too old for this” Baena ’06

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  1. You are awesome – all three of you. Thank you for giving us the joy of following you! Rest. You deserve it. Sarah Wilson’81, P’25.

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