July 27: Not Actually Blue Ridge Part 2

Maybe we got ahead of ourselves. Maybe we were tired. Maybe we just wanted to get to places faster. We’ll never tell. We will say that we did not actually take the Blue Ridge Parkway today, so we are sorry to disappoint our countless fans. 

We DID get to see some cows on a farm and Juan got to simulate milking a cow which was adorable. Especially since he had to sit on a tiny stool designed for a small human. There’s a Boomerang of it somewhere… 

Anyways, we travelled onward towards the DC area as the Northeast tour begins tomorrow. To break up the drive a bit, we stopped by a farm recommended to us by Arielle Masters ’92 who joined us for a walkaround to stretch our legs and see some animals. Arielle even gave us lollipops and a cassette from WCFM back in the day, which Archives will certainly be glad to get.

We saw cows and peacocks and horses and chickens and pigs and goats! It was an exciting moment to take a pause and just appreciate some cute animals. Such a shame that it was super hot out and even the animals were hiding a bit. Needless to say, we didn’t stick around really long as we were beginning to melt. It was fun while it lasted. 

Your adventurers continued on, complete with traffic crossing over from Virginia to Maryland, so great prospect for traveling around here the next few days. See you tomorrow DC and Baltimore!  


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