July 16: Dashing Through Vegas

Our day began with Nelly parked by the entrance of the campground, with the backdrop of casinos and billboards in the distance. After a late arrival, nearly at 1am, it’s fascinating to see the difference between driving by the Vegas strip in the evening and day time. No worries, we didn’t have time to gamble Nelly away. 

We dashed out to have breakfast with Austin Wand ’68, former radiologist and current active member in local politics of Las Vegas. We met at a local restaurant and talked about Austin’s recent local engagement, the importance of making learning engaging (with thanks to one of his professors), and he encouraged us to stop by with more time, an invitation he extends further to any alumni passing through Vegas. We unfortunately had to decline a tour of Red Rock Canyon with him and his wife as we had a long road ahead and a car to pick up. Nelly needs a break too. 

We made it safely to Williams (Arizona) for an evening of early rest. Much like with Grand Junction, we will be taking a bit of a break and encouraging you to do the same! Enjoy some good food, time with friends and/or family, go outside if you’re able. Take a break and smell the roses; there is plenty around that can bring joy, even if it is something small. You deserve a break, same as us and we hope you find some slower moments in the coming days. We’ll be sure to upload some photos of our break soon.


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