July 11: Long Road to Reno

Coming from New England, states are small. Six hours in most cases will get you across like 2 or 3 states. The west is a different story. Take Nevada: 6 hours in basically a straight line across and we barely made it to Reno. Slightly less cool rocks on the road, still super hot. Not our favorite drive so far, but it happens. 

Getting to Reno, however, we got to interview Edgar Kosgey ‘10, an alum who was an international student from Kenya. He shared with us his journey through Williams, finding community through soccer, his cool work as a battery engineer for Panasonic, and encouraged people to find mentors and persevere for their dreams. Really inspiring stuff. He was joined by his wife who he recently married and shared the exciting news he’d be moving to Palo Alto in the near future. 

Oh, there was also a forest fire near our campground. Huge shoutout to the teams that have been working to put it out. It’s a real scorcher out here and has been for a while. 

Smaller update today, but we are still here and pushing through. Next we begin our California leg, so we will see San Francisco soon! Is the west coast truly the best coast? Stay tuned.


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