Finding My Roots

by Jeannette Growler '12

"I think it’s easy to fall through the cracks and not think of yourself as being a successful alumnus when you are defining yourself against that kind of idea. I think success is just being happy with where you are. I am a successful person because I have two beautiful children, I am really happy in my life. I’m not working but I’m so happy. Could I be more successful professionally, yes, but do I really need to be to be happy? No. And I think just allowing yourself to have a different vision and a different definition of success is really useful." 

Jeannette Growler '12 lives in Oceanside, CA where she currently is raising her two children. She has redefined success through motherhood, stumbled into gemology, and is thinking of returning to support youth in her hometown in Navajo Nation. Hear more about her journey, drive, and exploration of identity in this conversation.

Interview is part of the on-the-road 'We the Purple' Williams College alumni conversations held during Ephs on the Mooove in July 2021. Explore more conversations. 'We the Purple' concept and flags designed and donated by Penny Brewer '76, inspired initially as part of the class of 1976's 35th reunion celebration in 2010. 

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