Williams@Work Webinar: Faith in the Midst of Crisis


Religion is just one of many aspects of life that have been touched by the pandemic. While the U.S. has been trending toward secularization, nearly three in 10 Americans (28%) report stronger personal faith due to the pandemic, according to the Pew Research Center. In addition, as the last 18+ months have led many to search for greater meaning, the move to online religious worship has actually made it easier for people to explore their spirituality. Enabled by technology, encouraged by a societal focus on well-being, how might religious practice evolve beyond physical houses of worship?

Three alumni faith leaders will reflect on the role religion may play in a post-pandemic world, while sharing their own personal and professional faith journeys since leaving Williams.

Reverend Gail Henderson-Belsito ’87 is Associate Minister at Caldwell Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, N.C. Rabbi Rachel Barenblat ’96 is the spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams, Mass. Khurram Ahmed ’03, M.Div., M.A., is Staff Chaplain at City of Hope National Cancer Center in Duarte, Calif.