Today and Tomorrow: A Time Capsule Project


What would it be like to jump into the future and tell people what this unprecedented time has been like for us? How would we create a history out of the present? And how can we represent the moment knowing that tomorrow’s audience might not share our perspectives? These are some of the questions students of the Theatre Department will ask as they create a digital performance time capsule and an accompanying physical “artifact” of the year 2021 drawing from theatre, dance, puppetry, poetry, the visual arts, and music. Students will work with Theatre Department faculty members Amy Holzapfel and Shanti Pillai and an interdisciplinary group of professional artists. The digital performance and artifact will be presented to the Williams community, April 23-25. The materials will then reside at the Williams Archives from where they will emerge (again) for students, faculty, staff, and alumni in 2041.