Williams College Association of Maryland Presents "Student Learning Outcomes in the Wake of COVID-19" with Melissa Osborne Groves '93


Dr. Melissa Groves is an Associate Professor of Economics at Towson University. Her research focuses on better understanding the naturalization decision of US immigrants as well as on the importance of personality in the labor market. Her work has been published in the Review of Social Sciences, American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Psychology and the Journal of Economic Literature as well as in her co-edited book, “Unequal Chances: Family Background and Economics Status”.

Dr. Groves is also passionate about financial literacy and has worked for the past twelve years with the Maryland Council on Economic Education and the Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy teaching workshops for elementary, middle and high school teachers to help them integrate economics and financial literacy knowledge into the curriculum. She earned a B.A. in Economics from Williams College and a PhD from UMass Amherst.