Alumni Winter Study | EPHS 117 "Creative Baking: A Community-Based Experience"


Have you ever wondered why there are so few desserts that rival a Knock-You-Naked? How to achieve the proper ratio of caramel goodness? How to best spend your Sunday after we make these amazing treats together (answer: happily reminiscing with every bite)? These are some of the questions we will explore in this course, which introduces students to the discipline of Creative Baking. During this course we will: (1) read and discuss the recipe; (2) use case studies to examine how to bake a Knock-You-Naked properly; (3) develop a final product; (4) savor your just desserts.

Instructor: Christopher Sewell ’05 with BlackYardEph Bakery. Picked up as a hobby during the pandemic, Chris showcases his baking skills on a weekly basis on his BlackYardEph Bakery Instagram. In his professional capacity, he serves as Associate Dean of Students and Dean of First Year Students at Williams.

Enrollment Limit: 300