Alumni Winter Study | EPHS 109 "Introduction to Family Storytelling"


Anyone can be an author or an illustrator—or both. All you need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a smidge of abandon, and even the slightest hint of something to say. Led by an author/illustrator duo who have spent the past two decades creating more than 80 indie and commercial books for children and adults, this class will explore creative process, collaboration, risk-taking, creative block, and the astonishing possibilities that emerge when the human mind joins forces with a simple sheet of paper. Together, we will make books while telling and sharing our stories—as all of us are meant to. (This course is appropriate for and open to anyone who is either old or young enough to hold a pen or pencil.)

Instructors: Robbi Behr ’97 & Matthew Swanson ’97, Professional Author/Illustrator Duo. To learn more about their work or watch their daily, 60-second videos, you can find Robbi and Matt on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Enrollment Limit: 300