Claiming Williams 2022 | Re-Shaping Boxes: Understanding Needs and Intersectionality in Identity-Based Groups


Throughout Williams history, identity-based groups have been created and shaped by students and alumni to offer spaces where underrepresented voices are heard, engaged, and celebrated. These groups are integral to the fabric of the Williams community as they strengthen the connection between campus and the alumni network; provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, life stage support, and relationship-building; and have supported and advanced the growth of the institution through social change initiatives and advocacy.

As current leaders of the identity-based Alumni Networks and Minority Coalition groups on campus, this panel of alumni and students will offer insight into the groups they represent, clarify issues being faced by each specific group or when intersectionality is not considered, the basics of being an ally, and how to be involved.

Listen to this insightful conversation and bring questions for the panelists. Visit the MinCo page and Alumni Network pages.