BiGLATA Presents "Gender Panel: Experts Discuss Gender Identities, Transition, and How to Be An Ally"


This event is open to the broader Williams community – students, staff, faculty, families, and alumni.

Dr. Andrew Taylor, MS, DVM (Veterinary Criticalist & Trans man), Williams ’07 & BiGLATA EC
Dr. Juanita Hodax, MD (Pediatric endocrinologist)
Dr. Courtney Gladden, PhD (Clinical psychologist & parent of a trans child)
Dr. Isabel Lowell, MD, MBA (Founder, QMed: serves the trans* community through affirming and convenient care), Williams ’02
Lisa Sloan, PhD (Program Director and Youth Services & Community Education Manager, Pride Center of Staten Island), Williams ’09

This panel will discuss what it means to be transgender, share facts around the medical and emotional journey of transitioning, and offer guidance to allies, friends, and family members of trans people. We also hope to discuss some of the challenges trans people face as they embrace their authentic selves. The panel will be largely in a question/answer format, and we encourage participants to bring thoughtful and honest questions to the group.

In advance of our upcoming Gender Panel, we wanted to give attendees a chance to ANONYMOUSLY ask questions for us to prepare with our panelists in advance.